Where to buy a good battery in london?

Anyone know a good place, central-to-west london to buy a battery for a 1997 Fireblade which won’t go flat after half an hour of not being used?!


Believe it or not, Halfords.

He did say “good battery”. I would trust one from CPC (who will even form charge it for you if you ring them in advance) much more. I have even found the Halfords batteries don’t fit the bikes they say they do on the box etc.

Had this with a car battery from Halfords

Then your not ordering correctly. Ignore the p*xy lists they have and give them the number from the old battery.

Not had a seriuosly duff one yet* for either cars or bikes over the last twenty years and one of the cars has a ten year old, still good battery.

*One did fail after 20 odd months and they gave me a swap with a new 24 month warranty. That’s the now ten year old one.

try this place its not in london but next day delivery and cheap for a oe yussa battery half the price of most bike shopshttp://www.yuasabatteries.co.uk/