Where the hells my battery??

Hi there

I have a honda CBF500 (07 plate) but was given no manual when I bought it.

My bike has been laid up for a while and I decided to start it up today and suprise suprise the battery was dead as a dodo.

Does anyone know where the battery is located? Can’t seem to find it!!

I know I’m going to get a ribbing for this but needs must

many thanks

P.s I’m not blonde honest!!!

Perhaps it’s solar powered.

UNDER YOUR oh **** I forgot.

no not under the seat tried there

Just under the front of the seat on the right hand side is a small panel… pop it off and the battery is under there…

What, not under yer front seat?

Cheers for that will have a look tommorow morning.

Power of the internet search engine you can find here.


Oooooh Evil, just when we were looking clever at last, you have to piss on our parade.


Thanks for that EB, very useful but not the model I was looking for. Mine is a 2007 CBF 500.

If you know of any other sites? Please let me know.


On the old one it was behind a panel under the seat. You needed an allen key to open the panel to gain access to the battery. I only did it up finger tight so it was easy to open next time. It’s probably the same for your bike as they were pretty similar.

It was filmed on a potato but hopefully this video will reveal something…


The clue is in the question :ermm:

Honestly, there are enough clues. If you can’t locate the battery you really shouldn’t be messing with your bike.

edit: then again I just noticed you screen name :Whistling:

I have to agree here really. get yourself on the OMC bike maintenance course and you’ll learn that plus a lot more.

Try here
You need to register but as you have this bike it might be useful.


Try here
You need to register but as you have this bike it might be useful.


Sooooo. What happened? OP hasnt logged in in ages. Did he died? Damn batteries :smiley: