Where is?

The post saying bout the muppets in leicester square, getting a otherwise good meet ruined?

only been there once. not me:P

what has happened??

Fair one, they did screw it up! It wasn’t anyone from this site, or CBC. Just a bunch of people who have heard about the friday night thing. It’s a case of being killed by it’s own popularity I’m afraid. They were doing burnouts, revving way too much and generally being a bunch of idiots! It may be the beginning of the end for the Leicester Square thing! :angry:

i was looking for the thread but coul not find it, might be me not looking in the right place.

Was hoping some1 will name and shame as i am sick of people ruining other peoples fun, meets etc.

http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic350029-35-1.aspxHere it is,hopefully!!

cheers m8 thats the 1, dont know why i could not find it, lol.

…ring any bells RR??? Spoken to any Community Support Officers lately…???:w00t: