Where is this?

Looks amazing.



Holy wow. Beautiful.

Looks vaguely Grand Canyon-esque.

Looks more like part of Monument Valley to me, and it doesn’t seem green enough for the Grand Canyon,



Looks like Arches National Park in Utah. I was there in 1991.

Reminded me of the Genesis Cave in Star Trek . . .

Oddly, never been there tho’

its the view from clint eastwoods office window :hehe::hehe:

Looks like where my mate got married. Valley of Fire in Nevada.

he had wedding pix taken here

Just found the same pic on google images when searching Utah where I thought it was and it is the Mesa Arch Pano in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, the rock paintings look amazing, would love to visit :slight_smile:

6th pic down - http://www.cornforthimages.com/Galleries/Landscape/Utah/Canyonlands%20NP.htm

This is Tiggi btw…Curtis has left himself logged in AGAIN grrr :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well I was pretty close - Canyonlands is right next to Arches. Very nice place; I highly recommend a visit there. Gets pretty hot during the Summertime, mind :w00t:

yeah Americans get the best… go north mountains… go south get sea… and in the middle all kind of crap:)

We thought that was a bit too clever for Curtis:D:D

Awww poor Curtis, it was a joint effort really :slight_smile:

Thanks Tigtis :smiley:

Actual photos in Antelope Canyon ~ photographed to death by every single commercial landscape photographer to wow the masses of tourists. These days, the only people who don’t go are the native high body mass index ones since the entrance to the cave is so constricted. Air is very dusty inside too ~ perfect for triggering an asthma attack! Especially with photographers who like to kick up the dust, in order to give the ‘shaft of light’ look from the light coming into the canyons. Fatali was one of the contemporary American photographers to popularise the conservation area and inspired throngs of amateur photographers too. These days, he has a bad rep for setting a kerosene fire under a certain arch and scorching it, whilst bragging to his students who were watching about how ‘natural lighting’ using fire, could create the orange ‘glow’ which defined the golden moment of the canyon visits.

It’s hard not to be cynical about such tourist traps. Boy am I cynical :smiley:

Never :hehe:

…but thanks for the background info :slight_smile:

Visited canyonlands, arches, monument valley etc in 1988. still remember it vividly :Wow: