where is the thread about all the rain?

proper chucked it down this evening. I got up the A1 to where the A1000 heads off on the right and the puddle on that left bend was up to my footpegs at the shallow end!

didn’t see any puddle there when I came past there in the evening :blink: Did go up the A1000 though from that point.

Maaaaaaaaaan don’t talk to me about rain! I met Daniel in Borough Market after work and it CHUCKED it down. I was like a drowned rat, and was only wearing a thin Summer jacket. I also got lost, having walked the wrong way from Borough station like a nob head. So I was wet, lost, p!ssed off and close to tears as the rain had gotten into my phone and ruined the speaker so I now can’t make calls.

And because of getting so wet and cold I now think I’m getting ill :frowning:

Epic sad times.

It caught me, horrible ride home, got to the elevated section of the M4 and it was flooded! Came off to underneath the M4 aonto the A4 and the water was streaming of the elevated section down onto me below.

On to the roads nearer my place and there were ponds of water a foot deep in places, boots drenched.

Got to my local Pub, and on entering still in my bike kit, one of the guys at the bar shook my hand and said “Well done mate, I was shitting myself and I was driving a car”

I rode 90 miles in the rain yesterday. It was horrible. Truly torrential. I was so glad I had paid for decent waterproof gear. I was dry and warm inside, and all was OK.

Actually, the rain wasn’t the worst thing - what really surprised me was the wind. I didn’t realise how much is can affect you - at one point it actually caused me to swerve so that I almost went into an oncoming car. I slowed right down to about 40mph, and the whole journey (home to Doble motorcycle to change something to Hursley near Winchester) took a total of five hours including a couple of breaks.


Twas a bit horrendous last night. Crossed a few rivers. My bike gear was still damp this morning, but I stayed dry inside. Bike wasnt in a good mood this morning :w00t:

The fireblade sounded like it was running on 2 cylinders yesterday, I hope it starts this morning. Poxy weather.