Where is best to get dollars?

I’m going to the US next week. Is it best to get Dollars here or just draw them out there?

I tend to draw it out there from an ATM. Your bank gives you that day’s rate and unless you’re drawing out large sums or trading currency then it’s neither here nor there. Never change it at an airport though…

Post Office http://www.postoffice.co.uk/foreign-currency?tmad=c&tmcampid=486&campaignid=PPC_FX_0001&gclid=CLz9lYKS88oCFUko0wodhgEJQw

I’ve used this firm in Covent Garden a few times, always gave a decent rate http://www.coventgardenfx.com

Either pay on a credit card that doesn’t charge a fee, or ask the hotel to add an amount to your bill (especially useful if you need someone to approve the hotel but would struggle to approve the cash, even if for business).

Otherwise there’s a currency place in Hammersmith that will give the best rate with a day’s notice.

1+ for Hammersmith think it’s called Thomas global currency exchange.
It’s in the tube station. I have been know to haggle with them for a better rate, if your exchanging large sums of money!

I find very good rates on thomas exchange, they have quite a few desks around London, I use the one at the Strand

I use Supercard by Travelex, use as cash…https://www.supercard.io/

Use an ATM in the US

+1 Post Office

I use ATM there but also get few $$ from Ace FX https://www.ace-fx.com/ [They have few branches around London]

In my area, Enfield, I found Marks & Spencers to be giving the best rates, the last few times I went abroad.

Probably too late for this trip, but I’ve been using https://revolut.com - they send you a Mastercard and you top it up via the app with pounds, then you can use it in basically any country and they give you better exchange rates than any bank/fx company. No fees or anything.

I’ve not yet found better rates than these guys are offering (have used them myself a few times):

You get even better ones if you book online for same day collection.

There used to be City Forex near Leadenhall Markets if you work in the city. They were always very competitive.

I don’t have any loyalty and always compare online using this: http://travelmoney.moneysavingexpert.com/

Usually Halifax credit card is the cheapest option, then best foreign exchange is the best for collection in London.

post office… But as silly as this sounds?   I’ve always got my Dollars on a Wednesday at the end of a month. i often fly out to Nevada when i can, Love the roads 

Get a sign



Thomas Global Exchange always seems to have the best rates for me for Euro and Swiss Francs. My credit card happens to be a Halifax Clarity one, and is fantastic as I can withdraw cash from it commission free abroad… or use it as at home with no fees.