Where is best for tyres in West London?

I need to get a new rear tyre fitted. Any recommendations in West London, north of the river?

id go over to essential, worth the trip (to the A12)


10% discount for being on LB too

You can always try FWR near the Oval cricket ground.

Depending on how soon you need the tyre you could always call Matt at OMC and he can get you one in and get it fitted there.

There’s a definite gap in the market for a decent tyre shop in West London…


Andy at APC Motor Services does mine and I always find him friendly and reliable. His workshop is at 314 Eastcote Lane, you get to it via an alleyway behind the parade of shops (off King’s Road).

I think he gets the tyres from HGB in South Ruislip:

I think they also fit them but I’ve never tried them.

i’ve used HGB tyres in Ruislip a few times, prob’ not the cheapest but they do the full ride in ride out service…

the’re on Station Rd, 0208 8415787…

Bill Bunn motorcycles Ealing will have any tyre you want in stock in 24 hours .

I’m with PJ. FWR FTW!

I showed up. Asked to have them fitted. Waited in a que. 45mins later rode away.

i get mines online and get them sent directly to OMC.
as previously stated, Matt really loves that tyre balancing machine :smiley:
and mines never loose pressure for months when its done properly.

should you not want to make the trip, bill bunn is not bad. not the cheapest though.

if your not in a rush i get great prices on tyres, but you need someone to fit them. (my dad owns a tyre garage in coventry)

Thanks guys - some good tips here. I don’t know why I did not think of HGB in Ruislip since that is where I bought the bike. I work at Victoria so FWR at the Oval sounds a good bet.

I wouldn’t go near FWR with a barge pole…

Go to Essential Rubber. Gives you an excuse to ride and you’ll get very good honest service guaranteed. Everyone has a nagging Mrs and wouldn’t mind that extra 30 mins of peace. Also, another reason to go is that Essential Rubber will most probably be the cheapest you’ll come across and you’ll get an additional 10% LB discount on top. A Dunlop Roadsmart 160/60/17 will cost me £112.50 fitted which I don’t think is bad at all.

I wish I could remember the name of the really bad place .The place that can wreck a sprag clutch changing a tyre … the real geniuses …:blink:

You talking about FWR or Essential Rubber?

dont go HGB bunch of monkeys in there who dont know how to respect customers bikes, take it to daytona in ruislip or swallow motors eastcote lane harrow