Where have all the bikers gone?

KillSpills attendance down from 7,000 to 255.

ACU / Mencap National Rally cancelled due to lack of entries.

Where have all the bikers gone?

I think the reasons for KillSpills are well-documented now but I’m surprised about the rally. It’s never interested me but I understand it used to be a popular event.

“It’s never interested me but I understand it used to be a popular event.”

Maybe the answer lies therein.

The National Rally has made the fundemental error of not understanding their clients

The Rally was at its highest when you started local to your home and the finish was in the centre of the UK. The ideal being Rugby but Uttoxiter was good as well. This year it was planned to finish at Scarborough to co-incide with the start of bike week.

No don’t get me wrong Bike week seems like a good place to finish but not if you live in the South of England and not after a nights endurance riding where all you want to do is crash out and sleep, the numbers declined last year where it was timed to finish with the Sheene Run, great cause on its own but not after a night with no sleep.

The Rally, Kill Spills, BMF etc etc etc all need to take stock of the message they have been given this year, Stop ****ing around with something that works. You are not so big that your clients will bow to your whims.

Get back to what you did well or live with the smaller numbers

Didn’t they limit the amount of people who could take part this year? Or was that something else? Thought I’d seen something.

Anyway, I am still in Heidelberg (without bike) until tomorrow, I have an excuse.

I have been on the Kill Spills run (from the Ace to the Houses of nonsence, via 10 Downing St) for the past 3 or 4 years. I didnt understand why they saw fit to bring in under one of many events, and call it Bike Fest and hold it at Donnington.

If you take your Protest away for where its going to get the most exposure, ie right under their noses. Call it something else/hold it out of the way at a circuit in the country side, change the date AND charge you for joining in…Who the hell is going to take any notice…not even the bikers that they are trying to attract.

GET Kill Spills back to being a PROTEST and hold it in LONDON.

I thank you!! what you said


"This year, KillSpills is joining forces with Future Publishing and their BikeFest UK event.

All supporters are welcome to join us and in particular, we’re looking for 617 riders to join us on this year’s rally (due to 617 being the number of motorists killed or seriously injured by diesel related accidents from 2000-2005). It’s all happening a lot earlier than last year though and everything kicks off in late May!

The 617 Rally

If you’d like to join our rally, we’re starting at Westminster and we’re riding around several national press locations in London before heading up the M1 to Donington for the BikeFest event. The ride will have a police escort as in previous years. Registration for the 617 riders will be open shortly, so keep an eye on http://www.killspills.org.uk/ for details. There will be a one-off charge of £27.50 for each of the 617 to cover our costs (£17.50 for pillions). In return, you’ll be one of the few who get to take part in this year’s rally. You’ll get your own t-shirt and will be able to fill up for free at the scheduled petrol stop. This also covers your entry to BikeFest UK.

If you’re not interested in joining the 617, join us at Donington for a great day of biking celebration including the KillSpills world record attempt for the largest number of motorcycles on-track at once!

For more info, see http://www.killspills.org.uk/ "

wass the acu/mencap rally then?

I use to, but dont anymore buy BSH and this had most rallies in etc, only mag i really buy now is streetfighters and they dont do when and where stuff.

Another thing, yrs back used to go on the Magna Carta run/rally, **** loads of bikes no crash helmets riding through london, that stopped, reason i reckon is cos Mag didnt want every1 turning up yr after etc didnt hear anything bout cos mag only advertised it in Mag only newsletter, didnt seem to want us riff raff there.

I did the National Rally in 05 (Bronze) and 06 (Silver) and was planning to go for Gold this year until they announced the end point in Scarborough.

A lot of riders in the South would have to take the monday off work cos imagine riding through the night and then making way home from up there on the Sunday.

I was knackered just riding back from Birmingham last year.

ISTR that the Magna Carta was cancelled due to a certain MC making MAG ‘an offer they couldn’t refuse’ re providing security for the event.