Where for holiday?

Have you been to some good not turistic places that you would recommend?
Last year I was in Majorca and honestly I came back more tired; too many tourists on a beach, in restaurants, clubs etc.
This year I want to have real relax without bickering with all these people:/


Fly to split, ferry to Vis, bus to Komiza. Stay in a guest house, find one with a bbq/patio you can use. Relax.

If you have a snorkle and mask, take it!

+1 for Croatia! Beautiful, peaceful place.

Hua Hin Thailand

2hour drive from Bangkok.

Iceland - Do the 60Km landmannalaugar trek and cleanse your soul!



Andaman Islands, India. You won’t be disturbed there. Its a bit out of the way, couple of flights and a ferry, but its worth it, especially if you are or would be interested in becoming a diver.

Sardinia, Italy.

I think Sardinia is quite turistic, Island beautiful but too cold, maybe Croatia, although is getting more and more famous. Thailand sounds also nice and its cheap.

Nic - Have you been there? Can you recommend places to stay? How with transportation from Bankok to this place?

Yes went there about 4 years ago, stayed at the Anantara Hua Hin. It’s a very traditional desgin thai style hotel.

You will have to get a tuk tuk into the main town if you want the night market, shopping, some sights ect. Think it was only a couple of pounds each way. Had some good resturants in the night market too and very very cheap.

We stayed over night in a hotel in Bangkok, hired a driver who took us to Hua Hin about £50.00 I think also stopped when we wanted. Done the same on way back.

You could also get the train down from I can’t remember the name of the station in Bangkok, it’s cheaper but not as comfortable.

If you do decided to go, you must go to the monkey temple and ride the elephant. Again hired a driver for the day. They have a national park there too.

Do a day or so in Bangkok got lots of lovey sights too and also if you like a bit of shopping the weekend market is amazing. Oh and have a thai foot massage. Hope that helps.

It depends when and where you go… only non-tourists know the best places, that’s the thing :wink:
Croatia is great as well… but don’t think you won’t find tourists at all

yeah yeah I know, there are always some tourists even in non-tourists places. It wouldn’t be worth to see place if there were no people.
I just wanted to avoid the situation from Majorca and find something calmer :slight_smile:

Yes that helps a lot !
One more question regarded transport. Is is safe travelling with tuk tuk? I’ve heard many different stories, that people drive like crazy, and you can easily fly out the window and it can be dangerous on the road.
I read some articles about it:

The driver you hired for taking you to Hua Hin, where did you find him? Was it just a guy from the street or the company that offers transfer?

Tuk tuks can be iffy just be firm with the driver, also don’t let them tell you something is closed or queens birthday ect which does happen to be in August. (But you will know about it) or take you to some gem place ect ect.

The one thing I found was that I’m keen to go anywhere, but who I traveled with was not so intrepid. I read all the scams the not safe places but just had my wits about me…like any city london, for example you know you could get pickpocket.

You can also get the hotel to get you a cab instead of tuk tuk which I think was a few pounds. Cabs again are cheap Hua Hin they don’t use a meter but Bangkok make sure they use the meter, if not get out soon goes on! Same for the airport go to the public taxi rank, very cheap to get to your hotel.

The driver we got was from the hotel at both ends, decided he was more trust worthy. Do agree the price before as with everything. Also you have been to Thailand many times wink wink!

In Bangkok I used the MRT sky train all the time cheap and easy.

Sorry yes traffic is bad, scooters all over the place heavy loads four children on scooter.
That is the way of life over there. All interesting to see

Yeah, would be interesting to see, but maybe not experience sitting with 3 other people on a scooter :smiley: your answers helped me a lot and I’ll remember your advices!!! Would be perfect to find a private driver, like you did, taking you everywhere you want, cuz I doubt they have in Thailand the companies like http://www.blacklane.com/en offering relatively safe transfers. I think also that tuk tuk could be an interesting experience too, at least trying it once :smiley: It sounds also that you enjoyed Thailand despite of all these inconveniences.

Oh yes experience a tuk tuk once. Private drivers are easy to find just get a few prices and barta your be well away
It’s usually a third of what there asking you can knock off. I barta hard though and get more!

Thailand is land of smiles. Been a couple of times got stranded there once too!
For me it’s all about experiencing the culture way of life. I’ll go anywhere and never listen to people say oooo would not go too dangerous… I make my on judgments.

Thailand and Other parts of Asia are cheap this time of year due to being raniey season. I also research very hard my travel plans before I even book, so much so trailfinders offered me a job! (Not for me)

All I will say is go where ever you feel comfortable and enjoy.

Ps hated Bangkok the first time I went! Grown to love it. Happy holiday planning.

Amalfi coast.

Try Eastern Crete.
It isn’t as touristic as the west side.
I’m here at the moment- it is lovely.

This thread is so last year

I went fishing down Fingal Bay way

A most relaxing break unlike a couple of years before which was just a nasty three toe break