Where do you keep your bike?

kempo… thats a pretty good quote! Who is your insurer? I have an 03 CBR600F and I have just renewed it at £466 but that is in my Dad’s back garden in Peterborough. Hopefully it wont go up too much when I move since I’ll have the secure parking.

You do realise that if your bike is stolen from your Shepherd’s Bush address, the insurance company may get difficult, as that’s not where you said it was kept.

Fulham prices are about the same as Chelsea, depending on which part of Fulham, though. Can’t say where McDonalds is on the North End Road, but a five-bike garage probably isn’t that desirable, but a one-car one might be. Might be worth your while to check local estate agents for quotes.

Oops I misread that you told them it would be in your garage To be honest, I went a couple of years insuring my car at one address and keeping it at a different address. It was fine, but if it had been nicked I would imagine to insurance company would kick up a fuss and probably not pay.


Have to agree with Paivi… considering its in front of your house = they are going to assume that that is where you normally keep it and may not pay you - aint worth it, whats the difference in insurance costs between the garage and the street. weigh that up against the cost of having to replace your bike…

My mates have parked bikes, cars etc in my driveway and it has always been there weeks/months later.

Move closer to me illusion!

I will shortly begin parking my new bike in my driveway or possibly the back garden but that would involve going thru the the very well kept living room

Well, one of my scooterist colleagues normally parks his bike on the street outside his flat, attached to a lamp post. Last week, he visited a friend of his and on his return to the bike, he couldn’t start it up, so he left it in the friend’s front yard around 1am. At 7am, the friend checked, and the bike was gone. He hadn’t taken his chain, so the bike was not chained to anything. Methinks the fact that the bike didn’t start was not accidental… So cynical for somebody so young…

I dont advocate violence but cant stand people who steal. That was a nasty trick they pulled on your friend. No doubt pulled by a pro. I say we set a trap as suggested by Charly and lie in wait with baseball and cricket bats. I am sure we can get taser guns from certain police forces. They will never steal again.

ps Obviously we wear balaclavas so they cannot identify us to the police

paivi, abby… i know its wrong but when i phoned the insurers & told them the truth they asked if i had access to a garage so i told them about the one in fulham & he said it was cool .

if it ever gets stolen then ill just say it was stolen during the day. but first theyve got to spot the bike ( its hidden out of view, well away from the rd.outside my bedrrom window) then the alarm, almax, then carry the bike 100 metres or so as theres no access for cars or vans, neighbours so as soon as they touch it ill hear them & ill be out their with my baseball bat…

oh yeah! ive also got cctv on it which after next week will be conected to motion detecters which will trigger an alarm in my flat if anyone gets within 10ft.+ i may get a tracking device.

come on you bike thieving scum…i dare you!!!

Have any of you looked at getting bike sheds - they are pricey but pretty secure if you have a piece of concrete out the front or back of your property and you can take them with you when you move but they are pricey - bout 1,000 but you have to off set that against the cost of your bike. When I rang the insurance though they said that it had to be made of brick to get full discount - what a load of *******. Mine is alarmed , ground anchor, lights, locks.

If a bike gets nicked from a lb we will all be watching out for it so unless its broken down for parts watch out thieves

i keep mine in my underground parking space.

I bought one of those CaptMoto as well…

I saw a demonstration where they lines up all sorts of ‘weapons’ to attempt access to one and nothing worked! (ok, semtex wasn’t used :wow

They can brag that not one bike has been stolen from a unit…i’ve had mine 5 years and it’s great. cost £1,000 but worth that in peace of mind alone.

Who’d nick a dayglo Pan anyway? LoL

Well, you obviously, so it’d match your jacket!

lol…that’s if it would’ve fit!!

They come in specific sizes i.e learner, sports. sports tourer, cruiser, etc…

You explain the model they tell you the fit!

Unfortunately Blade came under Sports whilst Pan came under Lardy

Still, the front wheel of the pan would be pretty secure…

Just had my insurance sorted, will be 680 quid for keeping it in a secure underground car park in N8. Not too bad I think, and a fair bit less than I was imagining!!