Where do you keep your bike?

i keep mine in garage at home, depends on area though.

i know quite a few people who have had new sportsbikes nicked, generally on the street (despite alarms, chains etc)

Unfortunately, so. Every so often one gets advertised in the weekend property places, and I get excited seeing a low price among all those £ millions, only to realise it’s just a garage they’re selling.

One down the road from me sold for £600K, and you can only fit one small car in it. Nuts!

with garage prices like that, someone must want to buy my garage…any one?

The garage is empty… so only a few spiders and cob webs.



You may not want to advertise the exact location of your garage in public, esp if you’ve already mentioned which bike(s) you’ve got in it…

Now this is why men need women in their life

Garage rented from the housing association, a couple of miles down the road so it means driving to it … or cycling in full bike gear

I’ve got one of these in the back of my garden… they cost a bomb, but it came with the house when i bougth it, previous owner also a biker, this one is bolted and cemented to the concrete floor. Result!!


I don’t know how you guys afford to live in London, 100k for just a garage, thats 3 times more than i paid for my 3 bed house!!! I keep my bike in a rented garage from the council, just outside my font door I consider myself very lucky.

In the end, I found somewhere with secure underground parking! Move in 3 weeks time

wot u need to do, is buy my flat - there’s a garage with light n power under it

Do you have to move into london? why not live on the outskirts get more for your money and nicer surroundings.

Plus with the rent a garage buisness i dont know about you but i would be scared of even leaving my bike so far away from my house because if there going to steal it then your know nothing about it in till you travel to the garage in the morning.
a mates dad had his track R1 stolen from a garage and a motocrosser i know had his race bikes bikes stolen from a 24hr security garage.

Don’t know where Courch End is but if its anywhere near Streatham Hill, I rent a garage for 12 quid a month. It brings the insurance down by about £400 quid. Can’t complain about that eh…

At my mum’s house in a garage.

£300 TPFT for a K4 GSXR600.

I’m just renting for the moment, couldn’t find anywhere to buy. I’ll keep looking around for somewhere to buy, and I may move out a bit further. Call me crazy but I like living in London though

Crazy no way, Londons great wouldn’t want to live anywhere else

On the street in SE2 area. £300 third party only. But it is an eighteen year old FJ1200… So not too desirable. Goes well though and is still more than fast enough for me. Nothing like being able to cruise at over 100mph on a private track, with plenty more to come. If I could garage the bike I would, but sadly there is nothing in my area for this.

i have a garage but its 1 mile from my house.

Im to lazy to drive the van or push bike there every morning and evening, pluse someone broke in a while back lucky my bike was not there ay?

My bike now equals 2 almax chains to my bedroom wall 2 feet from my head…

Its under cover from flat above as it overhangs.

I keep trying to get it in the bedroom but my girlfriend aint having it. Dont know why…

i have mine in the garage under the house which is alarmed … the area i stay in has a very high rate of bike theft… my bro sleeps in the room next door to the garage… and benefit during the day of a very nosy stay at home neighbour who knows my bikes and adore them…

but i was reading somewhere someone uses baby monitors during the night - and i am starting to think thats a brilliant idea…

Adam M how is your girlfriend btw?? ps put a cover on the bike - and say its an art deco sculpture (she may buy that - doubt it but you never know)

i keep mine in the front garden in shepherds bush, 620 tpft on a 04cbr6f, first bike which i thought was pretty good after getting quotes for over 2k.

Oh yeah! forgot to say i told them that it would be in my garage in fulham at night.

my bro lives in beaufort st( chelsea) so i know how stupid the prices are but what about fulham…

got a garage that could hold 5 bikes 2 min walk from mac-d’s on northend rd…how much do ya reckon i could rent it for