Where do you keep your bike?

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a flat in London (most probably Crouch End/Stroud Green area) but I just found out the insurance would be about 2k on my CBR600F!! Very much doubt I would find somewhere with a garage though. Also I’d be really worried about it being nicked if parked on the road. What do you lot do with your bikes? I’m a bit stuck, and selling it is out of the question


Its kept in a brick built garage, attached to my house.

Same as gixxerboy.

Just had a quote for 1000 k6; £425 fc

750 k6; £375 fc

would not be able to afford to live in london at your prices, and could not live without me bike.

On the road, I’m afraid. I can hardly afford to live in Chelsea, let alone get a pad with a garage (you can buy them here for just over £100k, though…). Quote of about £600 fully comp for the Vespa & a brand new 620 Monster, so I’m not unduly penalised (one of the worst post codes for insurance purposes, and no NCBs). Inshallah, if I get the Monster, it won’t get nicked…

I rent a garage from the council, just across the road from me. Costs about 40 quid a month. Ring the local council and they will tell you if they have anything in the area.

Locked in the garage thankfully, although the ZZR is 12 years old now so I don’t suppose it will be nicked… I would not like to have to leave a bike out on the street nowadays,

Afraid so, Pen! That’s the minimum you’d pay. Even the new developments charge around that extra for flats that come with a garage, £50k extra if they come with a parking space.

I doubt my council has garages to rent, as Kensington & Chelsea are not exactly famous for council accommodation. I need to check the other developments around me to see how much they’d charge for a tiny space to keep 1-2 bikes. One asked £100 a week, though, so I’m not holding my breath!

Yeah I had the same problem - 2k as I had to keep the bike on the street - made sure it was secure whilst there and fitted an alarm with pager etc etc etc so it wasn’t really in any danger - but still 2k was a little steep.

So… I moved out of London to St Albans - I now have a flat with a garage for the same amount of money I was paying for 1 room in a shared flat.

We’re also just about to buy a house here and can afford a 2 bed purpose built (brand new) flat with a garage attached.

My insurance is now £300 per year fully comp.

I am selling my garage in the N8 area for £13k… Are you sure about £100k?

At 2k your better off staying on the Panda!!!

The best thing I can sugest is reduce the cover to fire and theft and be a careful boy till you build the no claims discount or get a place on the ground floor and chain it to your foot at night.

But as im sick she stays in my bedroom with me

Suzuki GSX-R 600 K$, £900.00 odd TPFT my first bike NW10 bad postcode, are there any good postcode in London left?

Hey Dan…

2k Whats that all about??

I Have just had to renew my insurance. I have changed to a company called KGM and I have got my insurance for…

£148 fully comp. HAPPY DAYZ… Give me a call and I will give you there details mate.


Keep mine in the dining room, had 3 nicked over last 4 years so taking no chances!!

In the hallway like this although i do also have a garage as part of my house i’d rather they were inside as its more secure and i can see them all the time



2005 Gixxer-6 living outside but on a driveway ground anchored and almax’d up… £1100 FC… that is in Wimbledon with 1 year NCB.

Sounds good… Which insurance company?

mine sits outside my flat, covered up and padlocked. Where I live (just outside Dartford) is on a pretty quiet development and fortunately there’s a very low crime rate. Try ebikeinsurance; I found them very competitive and they didn’t penalise me too much for not having a garage.

Thanks for the replies

Russ - yeah pretty steep huh? I could probably get it down to about 1500 with TPFT and trying some different companies.

Actually thinking about it I reckon the best plan would be to try and get a place that is security gated. I’d have peace of mind and I’d imagine that would bring the quote down a hell of a lot!

Locked in a garage at the end of my garden

The only way those f**kers can nick mine is to push it through the lounge. lol

I’m with MCE found the add in the back of a superbike/fast bikes mag CIA are also very good, quick tip let them fight between each other thats what I did I came out on top the saved me £120.00 odd off there first quote