Where do we go from here?

My life is in crisis. Lost the will to type. Just discovered a skill for dowsing, where do I go from here?

Sensible answers only please

Jump! Jump! Jump!

What? Up or down? The ledge is wide and we are slim. Define you`re parameters or feel the wrath of the escape valve.

The only way is up… baby… for you and me now…

or so said a wise 90’s one-hit wonder.

Alternatively the way might be down. As in gravity. But in a fighter jet you don’t need to worry about that until you’re ‘running on fumes’ do you Iceman?

i just think your trying to knock chunksta of the top posters spot!:smiley:

Why reach for the sky when you can easily touch cloth…

They’re both members of ‘Posters Anonymous’ :wink:

But you know me Rodders:D

Thanks for your support and advice Wil, we now have control of the head!

You have a ship’s toilet in you fighter plane? My my… the new-fangled technology is a wonderful thing. :cool::w00t:

Well, Wil, you know us, we are the mothers of invention

(PS Also the only person to know Jestream in the flesh(es) )

Well from spending a large portion of one Sunday with my hand wrapped around one half of your throat(s?) I feel perhaps I do know you better now.

Do I get a prize for being the only LBer to know your secret identities…?

Can’t anybody to care enough for that to happen anytime soon.
Unless piece of junk that info is.

True, but

knowledge = power

and therefore it has to be worth something…

Where do we go from here? Surely it’s ‘down to the lake I fear’ - see haircut 100.

Mothers of invention? No, that was Frank Zappa.

Grim exposed their identity ages ago:w00t:

Where do you lot get your acid from? Sounds like this trip’s great:D:D:P

I’m just walking on sunshine baby…

TBH it’s probably just too many hours spent trying to design a school that’s tipped me over the edge. I might just try acid next time- probably less work to get the same tripping…

And Damn… no prize there… who did Grim reveal them to be?!

Grim just knows our names, only Wil has had contact with us in our present physical form, surely that`s reward enough?