where do we get 2stroke parts new or used for suzys

I just bought a rg125 streetfighter which is a standard G reg engine,has got some nice trick bits BUUUUT, where in satans red nutsack do you get good genuine parts, i need a new clutch kit as the pin wont disengage and a new clutch cable.Also has anyone had any fuel starvation problems as its decided to be a bit of a twat.Also anyone know of any good 2stroke mechanics /garages in the London area.I would really appreciate your help,ta v much

p.s Kevin Schwantz is still the DADDY

hmmmm I would try Santa :Whistling:

i owned a g reg gamma also for over 5 years now i no that bike back 2 front mate:P if u need a hand give me a shout. as for clutch bits any suzuki dealer can get them. if u wanna get them online try wemoto etc. as for fuel starvation cheak that ur filters aint blocked and ur lines if there ok cheak float settings. wot spares are u after apart from the clutch i may have wot u need.

Apparently the Suzuki dealer I use has a massive stock of parts, and they’ve been Suzuki dealers since the early 70s… they do mail order as well


well any suzuki dealer can get them still. not really had a probleam with parts. iam rebuilding my spare engine as we speak (well was tea break:P) also if is being a **** 2 start it may not be fuel starvation cheak the spark plug gammas have a habbit off eating them ive sorted this by using a hotter irrdium plug. not many 125 gammas about now i aint seen anover one yet on the road most must be wraped round trees.

welcome matey ya cant beat a good old stink wheel 2 stroke have fun :slight_smile:

Get yourself down to WH Smiths and get a copy of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

Its packed with adverts of old suzook spare stockholders:cool:

Have you tried Suzuki Spares Direct?