Where do I stand? Little legal help please

Okay, firstly yes I know I’m a fool and shouldn’t of let myself get into such a false sense of security.

Right here goes…

Having an engine rebuilt, I paid the guy £1200 before going away so he can get the work done while I’m away.

We agreed a spend of £2400 tops if needed.

Now he has finished it and trying to say it’s another £2400 on top of the £1200 I already paid.

There’s a lot I need to do to deal with this to see, however highly unlikely, if the works really worth that much even though I didn’t agree to it.

Here are a few problems though when it comes to the money…

Firstly I have nothing to show I paid £1200. This said he has not disputed this and has said I owe £2400 on top of the £1200.

Secondly, I have nothing to show what level of work was expected, infact I have no paperwork at all, nor does he.

Lastly there is nothing stating the agreed budget.

So just how much up the creek am I on the legal front?

What engine is it that required a £3,600 rebuild?? Must be a beefy lump

You’d think so wouldn’t you :o

Talking to a couple of people my workings out comes to £2,500 and that’s rounding up. Also that’s with a new gearbox but again at most from what I’m told it should only need 2/3 gears replacing if that and that’s on a heavily warn box.

Problem is I’m in Afghan so dealing with this isn’t easy. Oh and conveniently he will be going away for a while just before I get back and wants paying this week, he’s got another think there

Easy done £50 an hour x 50 hours & Parts

things can add up in no time

the problem being its all been done on a hand shake so to speak

& I know feck all about legal stuff but I do have a golf club & a daisy she doesn’t play golf either

It’s only a 560 supermoto engine.

Also he reckons the price is mostly parts and that he hasn’t charged much for his labour :o

That is a huge amount for a rebuild.

My Husky had to have a rebuild at stupidly little hours and that was £750. A new engine is less than that.



Don’t ask for advice on a forum, you will get all different opinions and whatnot. Call CAB or a solicitor if you know one.

What sumo is it?

Could buy a new bike at that price :confused:
Sounds well dodgy

Surely you could get a new engine for that money, i’d tell him where to stick it!!

And then say you will send some Afghan Insurgents his way if he tries anything funny

If done on a handshake and its nothing special then your best bet might be to walk away for an expensive lesson. :frowning:
OR once you walk away the price might come tumbling down :smiley:

f*** me most of the money on parts what you have done a forged billet beryllium crank & scat conrod

Cheers, Jakeyz. Looking at that i should be okay, although with a verbal contract its his word against mine.

And yes, i know, ridiculous price for a rebuild. The engine is basically a brand new engine but like i said, from what i have worked out it shouldn’t cost more than £2,500 if that for the work he is stating he has done.

First things first and that is to get a written invoice and to get the old parts he says he has renewed so i can have another mechanic check them over.


So here is the score as years ago I have a very similar issue, agreed a max amount before work commence turned up and the guy tried to charge me double after a stand off we reached an agreement.

So the good bit for you, you own the vechile and it is yours, if you turn up and take the car/bike (assuming you have a spare key) there is nothing the guy can do as you are not stealing. as it would happen he may own the parts but you’d have to give him access to get them back (if you wanted too)… at which point he will probably agree a lower price this is a civial matter and not a criminal one… Assuming the £1200 covered the parts he would have to think long and hard about pursuing you.

funnily enough about 6 months after my one the shop closed down (and I’m not surprised)…

Cheers for that sleeper. My old man should be picking up the engine tomorrow. He didn’t even have the bike to strip it out of, just the engine.

I’ll tell him to not say anything until he has the engine

if you want some man power to go and pick it up let us know =]

Ha ha, cheers Ross :wink:

My old man should be getting the engine today off a guy who helps out at the workshop now and then. I’m waiting until my old man tells me he has the engine before I despute the price so he doesn’t keep hold of it.

Once he has the engine I’m demanding an invoice.

After reading the sight suggested above I will pay him another £1200 once I have the engine and nothing more until I’m happy to pay more if at all.