where can I watch motogp?

I’ll be staying in Wembley from the 17th May and wondered if anyone can tell me somewhere good that I can watch the Motogp, Le Mans race please.

Le Mans would be the Best place to watch it, Other than that do you have Internet Access??

Still pissed off that it’s gone from terrestrial TV! Ditched Sky because they lost the contract and can’t get BT Sport at home. The MotoGP.com video service is awful, even after all these years so gave up that subscription. No way to watch it now! Idiots, fancy stopping broadcasting on freeview.

if you dont mind waiting there a couple of sites that offer next day viewing. make sure you stay of social media :wink:

That’s ITV2 isn’t it? Also, you mean stay off the web! News spoilers are everywhere! Impossible not to see!

i agree it does suck,
however bt sports is doing a sterling job with the coverage, 3 days solid of free practice and race so if you’re a fan its actually worth the money. i’m usually very much against privatization but i cannot bare not to watch it, so i had to compromise and pay for it.
lets not forget we are a very small minority compared to F1 and football fans.

if you have an iPhone, there is an app called Live Media Player… you can stream most channels… and good quality too.

@Jay no, i mean websites like motolink or app. but yeah the whole WWW is off limits!

I ended up with BT… as Alba said- great coverage of free practice , Qualifying & the racing. So I can be a bit smug!

I can’t get it :frowning:

I get it with my virgin package.

So party at your house then Chris? :wink:

Yeah, with all the virgins :slight_smile: