Where can i train to become a motorbike mechanic?

hi, does anyone know of any colleges that do motorbike mechanic courses?, in Essex or London area, or if i go the apprentice route- how do i go about that? any help or advice would be gratefully received.


Good opportunity to join a couple of us for a beginners course if you fancy it.

Based in Hammersmith, £132 on Weds at 6.30-9pm. It runs over 10wks and goes over all the basics. Apparently they’re quite flexible when it comes to the course, so you can bring your own questions/problems with you. Tailor make it if you will.

Not sure how many spaces are left, but it’ll be fun the more LBers are on it. Oh, and opportunity for drinks after. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link, click on motor vehicle and metal work and download the course structure pdf.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Merton College do a full on City & Guild, National Certificate and National Diploma Courses. See http://www.merton.ac.uk/content.asp?co=243

Nicely equiped workshops, loads of bikes to practice on, well regarded.

Looks like quite a comprehensive course. Couldn’t see prices though? Have you done one of these?

waltham forest run one as well…http://www.waltham.ac.uk/wfc07/CourseInfo.asp?COURSECODE=Z2MCTECHA9/Fhttp://www.waltham.ac.uk/wfc07/CourseInfo.asp?COURSECODE=Z2MCTECHD9/F

The Merton courses do look really good, but the lack of pricing makes me a bit hesitant. All the courses I would love to do are 3 days in the week and I’m already at uni lol. Might be overkill :frowning:

The part time course is quite pricey. But I think it is worth it. From memory it is about £300 and runs for 26 lots of 2 hour lessons, so less than a tenner per hour. They supply bikes, tools, lifts and knowledge. You turn up with overalls, protective shoes and a desire to learn.

I’m just coming to the end of the beginners course and will definitely sign up for the advanced. If nothing else it gives you confidence to do things yourself. Met some nice people too.

have you found one yet as i would like some qaulifications in this so i can start up on my own ?

Applied for the Merton one, looking to start in April!

I will need to get another bike to tinker with, though. One that I can break in the track and repair again :smiley:

I’m just coming to the end of the basic motorbike mechanics night school course at Merton college.
They run for 20 weeks once a week and cost £400.

They also do a more advanced follow on course for the same duration and cost.

You get no formal qualification at the end of it but the course itself is really good and helps build a broad base of knowledge.
The only downside to it for me was that they changed tutor 2/3rds the way through and the new guy isn’t as good :frowning:

I’ve enquired about the Motorcycle Mechanics Practical Skills - 10 week part time evening course at Merton College. Has anyone done this one and would you recommend it?

I am enrolled at Lambeth College for the full academic year 2008-2009 on a 2 night a week part-time evening course, one night theory and one night practical. It’s quite intensive and detailed and perhaps a little bit much for an interested but not professional person like me but does lead to a IMI qualification at the end of the course and entry to the full time one year diploma.