Where can i get......

Help!!!:smiley: Where can i get some of this stuff in the pic(if you can see it)desperatley need some to complete the workshop roof! if anyone knows somewhere i can get some and i also need a couple of the apex pieces as well…HELP!!!

If all else fails - people like this can roll off whatever you need -


Having stuff rolled to match can be a tad pricey. Last time I needed to extend a builing with a crinkly tin* roof, it turned out to be cheaper to put a whole new roof on. If you go the whole new roof route, Go for good old fashioned galvanized “corrugated iron”.

Brilliant material and so easy to get.

(* “Crinkly tin” is one of those technical terms we in the architecting bussiness use for all this stuff.)

Already seen them but there in derby was hoping for somewhere local:w00t:

wasp try farmers weekly…always got that stuff in…

In the building industry, Derby is local.

I am pretty sure there is a scrap yard in the road next to ours [ hanwell] that has loads of this stuff, will check it out tomorrow and let you know,not sure if it is exactly the same profile .

As stated, profile matching is the big problem.

If the s/h stuff is cheap enough, go the whole new roof route. Or how about all the old stuff on one side and a near match on the other?

(Once sold a car with one design hub caps on one side and another, sort of match, on the other. As the man in the breakers yard said, “You can’t see both sides at once”)

Much appreciated Zeph:D