where can I get practice tests for the hazard perception test

A friend of mine is doing her bike theory test and has brought a book and cd etc which said it included the hazard perception part of the test. However, it doesn’t it’s just a dvd and shows you a video of it. Any idea when I can actually get a proper version of it so you can acutually do the test to practice?

Cheers in advance.

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Hey Terry!
Here mate:

That’s the article Foxy wrote about the test. You will find on the botton various links and one of them is for the DVD of the tests. The hazard one is there too:


Try this site: http://www.2pass.co.uk/hazardtest.htm

Heehee which friend would that be??

BSM have computers in their shops that have mock theory tests on them, including the hazard perception test. Don’t know how much it costs but my mate got to go in and use it as many times as she wanted for free whilst she was taking lessons.

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Cheers for all your help guys very much appreciated!

lol, Andrew! That was actualy a work college that rides a scooter on L plates and want’s to take his test! Who you tohught was? Jay has a licence, trust me! lol

Hahaha no Cezar, I meant a friend of Tel’s. He has a ‘special’ friend that he spends every weekend with and most waking hours dreaming about (esp when out with mates).

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Terry i might be able to help you out or PC WORLD will

there is a 3 disc pack thats £24.99 pounds and its called on the packaging


and it has practice tests on the hazard and therory if you want i can lend you my copy but dont know when ill be down the ace

Any problems if you want pm me