Where can I get em from - (please keep this in general need a quick answer ta)

I need to order some R&G mushrooms for my bike but I need them delivered to my house by Friday. I phoned R&G on 0870 2206 380 but they wont do personal orders only orders to bikes shops.

Does anyone know where I can get em from a bit sharpish and who to contact?


What bike and where do you live ?

Moores 01727824248

What you doing Friday ? Stunt show ? LoL

Ya cheeky git.

No friend of mine is fitting em for me Saturday but he is losing access to his workshop after Sat so I need em for first thing Sat morning really but wanted Friday to make sure I had em. I dont trust drilling my own fairing mate I would make a mess of it I really would!

Do you need a workshop to fit crash bungs Terry?? What bike is that? do you have to cut the fairing to fit it? Infinity used to have them on the shelves mate, perhaps BabyJ can sort you out?

My fairing needs to come off along with the coolant tank, fairing needs to be drilled etc so its a bit of a git. They neevr ever have my model mushrooms in stock because of the coolant bottle.

Ordered em now seems like nowhere can get em and gurantee Friday so ordered them first class with Royal Mail hope they get to me as my post is poo and always late!

I see! You better do it properly then. Being honest? By post I don’t believe you will get it in time, I’m very disappointed with Royal Mail and don’t trust it at all!!! Good luck anyway

Neither do I mate Royal mail seem sooooo slow posting to my house. If I dont get em will have to try and scout someone else to help me fit em

Its the most complicated mod of all R&Gs just because of the coolant bottle, did they mention if you send your original bottle back they give you £10??? That should soften the blow of the cost very lightly.

The place I brought em from didnt. So If I send the bottle directly back to R&G they send me 10 squid in the post? Result! Mind you it will probably cost me 10 quid for the postage to em!

The shop should’ve told you! Send it direct, its only light so shouldn’t cost more than a couple of quid.

Steve Jordan used to have a very decent selection, give them a try.