Where can I buy straw bales?

I am looking to buy some straw bales, this used to be nice and easy when I lived in the country (local farmer), but Catford?!?

I know it is not ‘straw season’ but any ideas? For once google & ebay have failed :frowning:

Not a problem to collect.


only thing i can suggest m8 is maybe try your local stbles or farm.

i am not far from you in rotherhithe and there is a city farm off salter road called surrey docks farm, google it see wot ya find.

or just down raod there is a stables st james rd se16 if you come from catford down old kent road do a right where the halford/b & q is then bare left onto st james road, you will come to a petrol station and the stables is over on the right at the junction.opposite rolls road cant think of the road where the junction is.

hope ya get lucky, John

if you can collect from grays i can get you some:D

my mate owns a hay business in enfield if ya near

But he wants straw;):P:D

well he does, hay, straw, carrots parsnips if ya wanna be picky

Is it Picky Your Own?:smiley:

Take a bunch from McDonalds + Gaffer tape.

Thanks all! who needs google eh? :smiley:

Wasp PM sent.

How many bales do you need?:smiley:

dont know if relevant but aldi’s were selling small bales of hay.

About 20, depends on how much they cost. still working on an idea.


Are you organising a barn dance? :slight_smile:

Nope :D, but you had to ask!

Despite living in the middle of Catford, I have a slightly ‘unusual’ garden, veggie boxes, tree houses, log piles, camp fire area , bug houses, secret passages, water pipes & pumps, swings, roadway & roadworks etc etc that keeps the children entertained & their friends as well. We had the idea of building a play fort or a summer house out of straw bales.

Our neighbours probably think we are mad, but the children love it.


Sounds like far too much fun to let children loose in:D:D

I have about 2000 bales, and also quite a lot of loose stuff… in north london of you are interested! :smiley:

Thank you all - much appreciated, when we finally make up our mind what we are doing will be in contact.


If you don’t mind coming out to Cambridge I can sell you small bales of barley straw. 5 Minutes from J12 of M11.

I wonder if the fort got made…

I fort that as well Kavanne :slight_smile: