where can i buy some decent leathers?

Hey calling all lb comrads, i currnetly have a 2 piece dainese all weather set, but for summer (if it ever arrives?) i am looking to purchase a nice set of 2 piece leathers and looking to spend £500, is that unrealistic?! i would be grateful for any info you guys can provide me with.

regards westfazer matt

Speak to babyj at Great Portland Street Infinity. Top bloke and will cut you a deal


i believe westfazer is a guy - his name is Matt…

westfazer infinity gives us a 10% discount give babyj a pm…

the girlie shop is girlsbike2

Ive got a few nices bitz of kit from Anne Summers in the past !!!..

i knew i recognised your kit from somewhere

No ABBEYJ the doe eyes that follows Barro around ace is the one that got him that kit !!! (you know who she is Barro !!)…(smile)

Hey will do, im actually in Notting Hill, so To go to Great Portland street is quite easy for me, are they open Sundays? Its payday on Friday-yey!! so leather shopping here i come!!!

Just lloked out the window, and suprise its raining still!!!

I think they are open on Sundays, but during the summer months only. So you may want to check if this kind of weather we’re having now qualifies for summer…

ha ha!! yeah i know, ive never worn leathers before, i think i will pop in sunday. Thanks guys!!

You may want to leave your credit card home and just take a few notes. That way BabyJ can’t force you to spend more money than you can afford. And, feel free to say ‘no’ when he starts to ramble on about race cans and carbon. Most people haven’t been able to, and those that have, don’t like to talk about it, as they’re still too traumatised, as it would have been a long process. Gaffa taping his mouth might work, but as he’s got Latin blood, he talks with his hands, too, so you may have to resort to actually sitting on him so he can’t throw more stuff that you never knew you needed at you.

Good luck, and let us know if you managed to walk out with just the things you went in for.

ooh er, Im not too sure about sitting on him, is he big? apparently according to my scales i have actually lost weight and gone done to a size 8,5 stone!! im not sure sitting on him would do much, but i know what you mean!!!

i will be good, i will only take limited cash with me, i can honestly say im really not into the whole carbon cans or bling items really!!

They are open until 4pm on Sunday.

Paivi is right about the credit card though Be strong

Tell me you teasing git…pm me…its been doing my head in all day !!!

westfazer, you could also do worse than to speak to the guys at Adrenalin X, who are our saftey partners. Members get a healthy 15% discount, and it’s a great chance to get to Brands Hatch and see some racing as well…


Ha ha,yeah im not quite 9 stone!! im v skinny but it has its advantages.!!

8 stone? Bloody hell, im twice the man you are! (actually even more :cry

Both j&s stores have a good range of clothing at good prices, my local hein gerike dosnt seem to stock leathers to fit my, er… larger frame

Which is a shame because I get a discount