where are we all?

Ive noticed over the last week that the number of peeps on here seems to be decreasing, is it cos we are all busy or we just cant be bovvered? I guess winter is finally on the way, boo!

I’m still here , see you Monday


im still around see you monday

Im still ere! See you Monday!

AM still here too mee old mucker

im off out to use me shewee !

Well were are we indeed?

Some of us are out and about regardless of the weather. Others are keeping their fairing well away from the moisture

im here whats happening monday lol

its the newbie meet at the ace cafe so see you there

we’re all here matey!

Just been quiet I guess - always the same this time of year - as the fair weather riders drop out - you know who you are ;-)!!!

Jay how is your bike btw?! he he

Can’t see you Mondays or Wednesday chaps as I have Russian on Mondays and Motorcycle Mech on Weds :frowning: The courses are great but I’m missing Cubanna :frowning:

This weekend oi ave bin mostly away. But I’m back now and will be bothering you all tomorrow evening

Im here but think ill pass on the Ace tonight.

Still here just a tad busy atm :frowning:

A bit here and a bit there at the mo; getting out and about on the bike whenever and whereever I can…hmm just gone bike crazy these last few months.

Just serviced my bike apart from the brakes and doing them this weekend as I have my first track day a weeke Tuesday at Brands - yippee!