where are the missing campers?

were at the barge inn having a great time in the sun, but theres many of people that didnt come who said they would. obviously we want you here to share the great atmosphere with, but also things have been paid for expecting more people so matt and the rest are picking up the missing amount which isnt fair. what happened? still time for you to come down…

Me & LMRR are setting off in a mo so shd be down in an hour but can only still for a bit.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo jealous, would love to have been there but as I said all along, got my kids so got to be a Dad, any one who missed it needs a check up, from the neck up.

Have a great time guys…the bigger the party the better I,ll feel…

A sad loss in barroland but knowing your having a party makes it all seem a little lighter !!!..love and luck !!

Nipped down last night, and they’re all having a whale of a time. Matt’s riding a Pan Euro at the moment which is pretty spectacular, Ginger has turned into a lobster, Wiggy has white bits under his man-boobs , Cezar was (again) pretty well sloshed and Charly has a tin with a condom (amongst other things) in it.

So nothing for us to worry about, they’re having a blast.

yeah but that tin with a condom in did come in handy he pulled the barmaid

And you pulled yer pants down and showed us all yer winkie

Purple power and nick it was a pleasure to meet you guys! You are a great couple, please lets do that again! Me drunk? Andrew mate you are mistaken things!

It was great to meet Tony too

yes tony was much more fun than his brother!!!

Thanks for a blinding weekend everyone. Really enjoyed the ride back too, al - bring on the French trip!

Yeah that would be cool dude :slight_smile:

We’re about £100 short at the mo… I had to pay for the camping up front… and the food on the weekend… so in total I paid £279… I had £170 given to me on the weekend… any more donations greatfully accepted - paypal me at [email protected] - I would appreciate that if you use a credit or debit card to pay me you add £1.50 for the transaction charge.

I tired adding a donation button to paypal in here but it didn’t work - so just use my email account.

I really don’t mind making up the difference - but if you said you’d come and then didn’t I’d appreciate some dosh.



Would be happy to chuck in another few quid if you still short Matt.