where and how to get rid of my scooter

Hi guys,

I thinking it is the right time for me to finally get rid of my very old and well use scooter Vespa ET2 50. I can’t be ask to put it up for sell and I am sure it worth no more than £150 in the current state, so I am happen to just get some kind of cash and just get rid of it.

So, what is my quick and pain free options? anyone any bike junk yards near Islington? Well, I get some money out of it if I take it to a junk yards.

Thanks in advance, I never get rid of a bike before. I always sell it or trade in.

Leave it in Central London with the keys. It’ll be gone in no time… :slight_smile:

Ha! - even without the keys it’ll probably be gone. I believe most vehicle scrappers don’t charge (since they get the scrap value of the vehicle - but my experience lies with cars here…)

Try gumtree

I don’t imagine it’s worth enough in scrap for a scrap yard to collect it from you. Could call up a breakers and ask what they’d give if you turn up on it, but freecycle or gumtree might be better bets since you can get someone to collect it.

Does it run?

I tried scrappers for a scooter years ago and it wasn’t worth enough for them to come get it, some wouldn’t take it if I rode it to them. sold it to someone as a project for £100 in the end.

freecycle or gumtree would be best but don’t expect any cash for it.

If your looking to just bin it, i’d take it… I’m actually on the look out for a scooter for varies reasons (wasn’t going to be until the new year) but if you just want rid I’ll take it off of your hands.

if its a pre 2002 then grab it
they have the bigger carb on them & with a little tweaking they will top 50mph without to much hassle

Regents canal

if it runs, I’ll take it off your hands

It runs fine and I have been using it as a back up when my other bike broke down but it is in a below average condition. Ideally, I would like some money for it so if any of you are interested. let me know I am in N7

me_groovy is like the hoover of poor conditioned bikes…

If I had the space and time, I might have taken it off you…

I will take £100 for it and I am sure if you know what to do with it or brake it down and sell it in parts you will easily make some money for it.