Where am I allowed to park?

Hi all,

I’m thinking that I should already know this but as a new biker, I’m not really sure!

I can park by the side of the road, following the same road markings/parking restrictions as cars, but being a curteous biker, I would have the bike facing towards or away from the curb to take up less room for others wishing to park - does that sound correct so far?

Am I allowed to park on the pavement at all? Obviously not if it is in such a position that it requires pedestrians or other users of the pavement to have to walk into the road or obstructs them in any other way, but if it is a wide pavement, is it acceptable for bikers to park there?

I’m sure I had a few other similar questions but wouldn’t mind being put straight on these ones first!

Simon :slight_smile:

this will have most of the answers you need :wink:


Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: