Whens it gona be sorted?

Changed my sig and profile pics but now they dont work… Aparently this has become a problem on here, just wondering if/when its gona get sorted

oops just noticed someone has already done a post on this… :hehe:

Patience is a virtue:)

Thats why im not a sniper :smiley: Dont have the patience :hehe:

i do:D

Soon, but I’m sure if you all chip in a quid a go, I’m sure it’ll get sorted a lot quicker :slight_smile:

ASBO… when bitching, please make sure you at least post in the right section of the forum :wink:


Okay, have a go now. I’ve made some changes that should hopefully fix it.

lol, i thought this thread had been deleted thats why it went… Me bitch… lol

oh and it still fobs me off when trying to put a pic on my signature… no rush though :smiley: