when working at home....

at what stage is it unacceptable to start drinking some wine? :smiley:


not before first break:w00t:

The bottle should be next to the clocking-in machine:P

…and at what point should you get dressed?

at what point to you stop working and start posting random c*** on bike forums !!!

at what point do you stop posting repies to other peoples bored posts :smiley:

If past experience is anything to go by - definitely before you:

… open the door to sign for a parcel, keep a puppy behind the door to prevent her from jumping out at the postman, lock yourself out, have to go next door in your nightie where the neigbour is also working at home in her nightie, borrow a stepladder to climb over the fence to get back into your own garden without getting a splinter in your bare bum and be glad that it is summer, so that the back door to your flat is open and you can get back in.

You only do that once. :slight_smile:

How can you even contemplate drinking wine during the working day unless it’s a glass with lunch.

Let’s get this straight once and for all.

Beer is for breakfast. Best if it’s a good heavy, beats Weetabix.

Only straight spirits during the morning, in line with the Royal Navy tradition.

Afternoons are for martini’s or similar. Your choice.

Wine in the evening.

Right, that’s got that sorted. Now, at what point in the week do I need to shave?

i’m the wrong person to answer, but come’on you’re at home…open it now!!!

And at what point is it acceptable to get a lobotomy? :slight_smile:

A drink is not the problem…

The real problem lies in that a ‘gentlemen’ working from home has other ‘distractions’ which lurk on the internet… :w00t:

why raise the question at all, pass the bottle!

apt: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/working_home

if your weak and un disciplined :stuck_out_tongue: