When time freezes

When photos are taken at the exact right time to freeze a comedy moment in time


great thread:D i found this one the other day:w00t:



Funny as f*ck!

lol some of those were really funny

great find

Definitely having a little chortle at those. :slight_smile:

lol class :smiley:

The last ones are so good!
tried my hardest not to burst out laughing in a quiet office! :w00t::smiley:

They are brilliant!:w00t: where on earth do you find them pan…:smiley:

dont you mean :

thank god there wernt any more alice cooper pics :stuck_out_tongue:

The baseball ones my fave, the blokes face! LMAO!!!:D:D:D


Wow, amazing photos!

The pigeon ruining that child’s life is too funny!

Very funny pictures.

Ha ha - absolutely superb! :D:D:D:D

Excellent! :smiley:

Now my cheeks ache!

Some brilliant ones there !
The camel looks like it’s having a good time !

Haha awesome shots!!!

That terrorist one is amazing hahahaha.

so is the penguin, thats some good toilet humor.