When the dog is out the cat....




He he … like it!!

Cezar, isn’t that supposed to be: “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”?

Yes, SP! You are right! I was kind of translating it from Portuguese

must admit, i have been there… shhh… only in my case it was her brother and her dad that came back home to find us… indecently exposed… shhh

i second jays comment, fully busted

I wonder just how quickly

“Ohhh baby I really miss you”


“F-off two-timing whorebag”


Me, i’d say about 2 secs after the clip finished.

Yup, busted big time…Lordy there would be trouble!!!

She was quite a pretty whorebag, as whorebags go…not that I have alot of experience with whorebags you understand… well ok, only the less expensive ones…

That’s true, and perhaps a minor point in her defence.