when selling your bike?

if someone wants to take it for a test, whats to stop them riding off into the sunset? never to be scene again

I think you have to rely on a lot of trust, not big on that myself. I would ask the prospective buyer to hand over their drivers licence (complete with counterpart), give me proof of address and let me hold the keys to their bike. If they’re serious about your bike they’ll understand your concerns. You could also ask a mate to ride out with the buyer.

What are you selling?

I have done some accompany test rides for a garage. They ask for passport and driving licence from the prospective buyer. This was because of issues of people riding/trying to ride off. The garage does test rides but a member of staff or someone they trust goes out with the test rider.

If I was selling a bike second hand and the prospective purchaser wanted a test ride, I would ask for passport and driving licence. I would also ask to hold the keys to the vehicle that they turned up on. As said above, its really down to a matter of trust.

As a minimum, take the keys to thier vehicle and a holding deposit, look at some of the bikes for sale on ebay and you will see that people are genrally not bothered by alowing test rides as long as thier position is protected.

Personally I would ask for a large cash deposit, an accompany if practical - you don’t want someone wheelying or generally nobbing about on a bike you are trying to sell.

It’s a common and normal practice with buying/selling 2nd hand bikes - no test rides unless full cash deposit given. There’s nothing wrong about it and people understand it.I would never give a bike to a potential buyer without it.

I have to agree with Rottie on this one , no test ride without full cash up front, then if u bend it uve just bought it ???,

great advise guys and thanks again

(tommymac its a gsxr-7500

If they’re serious about buying the bike, ask for the full asking amount in cash as security. I’ve done this before, just make sure the cash is legit first and not forged, or not the full amount. Genuine buyers will be more than happy to wait a few minutes while you check everything, afterall, they want to know they’re buying from a legit seller as well.

Just never take car-keys or the like, documents can be forged, and cars can be stolen. I know this happened to someone at the Ace, the seller took some keys off the buyer and the buyer never came back, the keys were for a stolen car.

As above. I just sold my bike and the prospective buyer wanted a test ride. I asked for full amount as security, passport or licence,and agreeable to me taking pic of him on my digital camera. He didnt have the full amount so no test ride. But he still bought my bike. 'Fraid its just the way things are now, with bike theft becoming an epidemic. It really is the way things have to be to cover yourself. Any decent biker will understand. If they think you’re being unreasonable, let them walk.

ye i think it has to be full money,passport or licence, just wasnt sure if it would be offensive to ask

Theoretically you right, driving license or passport sounds right, but in my personal opinion I wouldn’t give the bike anyway without cash deposit. For example guy drops the bike and causing some damage to it, what are you gonna do? Maybe he’s not insured, and even if, in most cases it’s probably third party only so the insurer won’t cover damage to the bike. Besides that it would probably take a lot of hassle and time to get the money back. When you have the money in your hand you don’t worry about anything, " you brake it, you take it"! IN my opinion if someone is a serious buyer he won’t mind. Remember, shlt happens, it’s always better to be secured from all sides.

rottie, your 100% right there, moneys money! they break it theyve bought it,

sounds good to me

Sound advice here with the full cash deposit! Trust no one mate!

Twas a full value cash deposit before test ride for me when I bought the 7R. Always wondered whether he would have coughed up had I not come back grinning…

Might be an idea to take photos of the bike at the time to record any damage or the lack of in case he comes back with scrapes and says they were there when he took the bike, and that he’s no longer interested in the bike.

Paivi, makes a good point but if you can still go on an accopmanied ride that would be best. Also, likely to disuade any wanna be stunt riders.