'when replying to posts' please help

when i reply to a post i get a ‘boinging’ noise when i type, and at the bottom of my screen i get a message that says ‘searching for links that begin with’ and it pops up with the letter i have just typed, how the hell do i turn it off as it is driving me insane!!!

Er, that’s got nothing to do with LB mate! Sounds like something’s attached itself to your browser. Are you using Internet Explorer (pants) or Mozilla Firefox (good)?

internet explorer

can you recommend a virus checker/ cleaner?

I have had this before. Uninstall internet explorer from your pc and then reinstall it. The only way I found to get rid of this problem. Internet explorer is indeed pants.

how do i then reinstall internet explorer?

dont know if this something on my pc as when i reply to other forums i dont get any problems ?