when NOT to hit a bike

oups!! :smiley:

dont think SMIDSY will work…



Classic! :P:D


I wonder what happened next :w00t::hehe:

UH OH!!!:w00t:

looks like bicycle clip time for the driver

Bah rubbish… he only hit 2! :hehe:

How the hell did he manage that in the first place?:blink:

Maybe the bikers were trying to stop him to have a chat about something he’s done, and pulled in front of him… and he was trying to leg it?

Only reason I can come up with…


I do hope thats not in Denmark. Them fookers use rocket launchers out there:w00t::smiley:

shame i didnt have that lot following me earlier ,
same thing happened
the blind old bat would of got a scare lol:P

Love this - quality!


i think she got a gd scare when she nearly did it to me after you and i reved the **** out my bike and she noticed i was there she looked like 80! can’t bloody see over the wheel arg! that pic looks exactly like wot happend to u!

hum i wonder wot them badito’s did nxt loool;)