When its white out there i always remember this plank


What a complete twat.:smiley:

he was almost there… :ermm: :Whistling: :smiley:


oops! either he has no brain…or alot of money!:smiley:

more money than sense

well thats one way to de-value your 1098

That looks like you in the video PJ! :wink:

he rides a ducati ffs so its both of the above …

tinhat donned ready for incoming flak…

Ya bunch of harsh bstds !


Why is he a plank/ twat etc?

Coming off your bike in treacherous conditions = a twat.

Actually your right Garret, your the twat:w00t:

Obviously ideal conditions to be riding a bike in… especially a rather expensive one. What the hell was he thinking. Mind you i’m sure you would have saved it eh Garret?

Oh yea, forget sympathy of any kind!
You don’t fkn know the back story to that.

Of course, choosing to go out on two wheels in that sort of weather is not the best thing to do.
But ffs! He made a mistake, something that has obviously never happened to you (or anyone who could laugh at that).

Surely it should make you cringe at the fact that such a nice bike is on the ground.

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to save it. Having had the experiences I did yesterday, I will now make different decisions about riding in such conditions in the future.
And if I find myself obliged to do so, I will be glad that I learnt from my mistakes.

another way is to ride it out of the showroom… aint that right pj :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Let me see the facts of the video, is snowing and looks like it had been for some time so not likely to have been caught out, so he made the decision to ride in what can only be described as dangerous conditions even for cars. So not only did he put himself at risk but also people around him. Suppose he was unable to stop at a crossing or T junction and slide into people or a lorry. The emergency services would then have to attend and clear up what could so easily have been avoided. And to top it off he did it on a bike that was clearly unsuitable for the job. Hence the term twat.

Not quite Kev, but for love of all things Italian don’t put more than 2000 miles per year on one :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, if you’re talking ‘facts’ it does not appear to be snowing while the video was taken, clearly it has been.
Looking at the road surface (what little we can see to make a judgement from) it is dark and wet as is a usual wet road. Other traffic does not seem to be moving at a pace which further confirms this view.
From these ‘facts’ I would form an opinion that it was suitable to ride, although obviously foolhardy to do so.

However, this is all just supposition as we cannot really tell what the situation was like without having been there (e.g. the rider or cameraman).

Did he do this before or after the accident?
If you mean his choice to ride put people at risk, then surely we (road users) are all guilty of the same thing. This is only highlighted by the fact that he had an accident, but is not influenced by the weather conditions.

If we were all better riders making the right decisions at the right times, there would be very few accidents. If we all considered carefully what might happen if we were involved in an accident, no-one would ever ride.

I’ve seen you ride at speeds that would cause the emergency services to shake their heads in dismay. God forbid anything should happen to anyone! Even those who make mistakes (and yes, I’ll keep repeating that

taken from the actual youtube page

if it was his second of the day then not learning from mistakes is apparent

anyway think this was intended as a small bit of humour in light of the recent weather conditions …and makes you wonder why it was being videod in first place ? must be some significance as dont think we all video ourselves leaving each time .

What a plonker, He not heard of public transport!!??

Yes, well spotted. The original text uses the word ‘possibly’.

Of course.

A little bit of humour :wink: