when is the next official LB Trackday please?

Are there any plans to organise one?

looks like the last track day with a significant number of LB on it would be brands on the 30th… I will be there if the daughter to be is nice enough to show up in this world sooner than later

End of the season ? Pah ! :smiley: Some of the best days I’ve had were in Feb and March this year, bit cold, OK, so cold I almost turned to ice riding there, but once thawed out and restricted to 20 min sessions, it’s great ! Track is empty . . . great days. You can also book them just a couple of of days in advance so can guarantee a dry track :smiley: The TDO’s also half their prices, Brands Indy for £70, Snett and Cadwell for £45 to £60 - what’s not to like :P:D

shush you! you promised youd turn up to Brands GP and didnt! not heard anything from you since the promise! until you can turn up to things you promise to come on (France was another), then you dont get a say! :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

waits to get told off that she is being too big for her boots by a load of people that totally miss the joke

Me liking the attitude… very French MIstress of you miss Powerpuffbitch :w00t:

Lol - that’s the first bastardization of my name that I like :hehe:

cue fetish pics of leather clad ladies brandishing whips

glad you like it…
Now shut up or I will lift your skirt (assuming you ever were one), take you on my knee (assuming I can fine a chair solid enough) go on to smack your bottox silly (and + if affinities) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just your wishfull thinking ppg ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like to think about March :crying: