when is the next LB track day?

i know the weather aint good for td at the mo but am gagin for some track time:)

jay when you thinking of sorting the next members day?

That goes for me too - the GP900 needs a track day! It obviously had one before as a press demo bike - and the tyres were brilliant. The new tyres just haven’t got the grip in the dry (yes, they’ve seen a bit of that) without the all-over cooking that a track-day gives. :wink:

Well there was one place on offer at the LB christmas bash, so yes it is all in hand I would say :slight_smile: probably march time like last year :smiley:

I’m well up for it!

Need to get Thumper2 on track…and open her up!!:smiley:

Me too - bring it on , regardless of what I may be riding at the time :smiley:

allways up for a trackday ever since i did my first one ever with LB last year on 29th april havent looked back since :smiley: im at the back again lol… <IMG height=427 src=“http://by141w.bay141.mail.live.com/att/GetAttachment.aspx?tnail=0&messageId=8eba844c-c3be-46b3-9f9e-d083920437f2&Aux=44|0|8CA920F4A3AACA0|” width=640 onclick=“return Control.invoke(‘ReadingPane’, ‘_onAttachmentClick’, event);”>

well I will not be on the track but will defo tag along, so let me know the day and I will come down in my cheer leader outfit!

fany tagging along too to see what it’s all about. My DAS instructor reckoned I’d love a track day.

really enjoyed last years :smiley: deffo up for this years if my new track bike is ready in time :D:D

Also wouldn’t mind tagging along to ave a butchers.

theres an unofficial one on the 7th and 8th of March at Cadwell :D:D:D:D:D

think theres 5 of us going! and Im meeting 4 mates there!

check out focused event to see if theres any places left???
it was £130 for 2 days Saturday and Sunday :D:D:D:D

It’s definitely on the cards. I hope to get more arranged this year than last.

We’ll do more than just Brands Hatch as well this year, though I’m thinking saving the non-Brands ones for a little later in the year to stand a better chance of weather. I wouldn’t want people to travel further only for a cold and wet day.

Circuits available are:

  • Brands Hatch
  • Snetterton
  • Cadwell Park
  • Oulton Park

All the other circuits would require staying overnight in a B&B/Hotel, unless you were prepared for a long ride in the morning which is really not recommended. All the circuits are amazing. Personally I think Snetterton would be a good first non-Brands one, then Cadwell Park and Oulton Park. Oulton Park is simply insane and at the very top of my must-do list. It’s the only circuit I’ve not ridden in the UK, bar Knockhill.

More info on the circuits here:


if the tracks not too straight id be in, bare in mind i ride a moto

what about silverstone 1st march ? thats local on a sunday and cheap :slight_smile:

Do you need different tyres etc or are you ok on what you use on the road?

Would I look daft on my bandit 600N? :slight_smile:

no dafter than me on a genesis :smiley:

bandit 600 is perfect!

and your road tyres are fine too.

Now I’m getting excited.

Forget Snetterton then

I make loads of these types of mistake cos I type faster than I’m able, but yours is a superb accident:
“Fany Tagging” – now there’s a hobby! :smiley: