When Im Reunited.... (less than 100mile rideout)(planning)

first, yes its not in the ride out section, this is just me throwing the idea out.

for those who are not already aware, i was knocked off my beautiful 2014 ZX636 and im very very sad :frowning:
so to cheer myself up i would like to go for a ride when i get it back (no confirmed date yet)
Ive had a lovely day today with Lstar, Nic and Pinhead? as well as catching Janey just before we all left.
im so bad with names and im sorry.

anyways back on topic, some people have delicate tooshies or lack confidence so i would like to do a 125 friendly west London ride not exceeding 100miles. as i don’t know any good roads and always plan my routes with straight lines ect, i would need the help of someone with more experience in this field (perhaps the Notorious West London Navigator DangerousB hint hint :smiley: )

as of yet i cant give a date, still have to talk to the insurance company ect but i know i will want to ride and i know i would like everyone to feel welcome :slight_smile:

let me know what you guys think?

Sorry about yer off mate, we`re up for a 50cc friendly ride on the new/old Ninja.:slight_smile:

Hi jetstream chris and julie its rickys mate dave with the blue fireblade whens the next bike ride :slight_smile:

really cant help but think that should have been a pm…also the giff? really? -_-

Naughty post crasher.:ermm: Hi Dave we`ll be out Remembrance Sunday 9.11.14

See post soon to be put on. Fort Nelson, Big bang.

I could be up for this.
But I don’t do rain for week end jollys

+1 :slight_smile:

I’ll lend ya one of my West Side loops for when you stop attacking delivery vans with your 'bike:

Ace - Iver - Windsor - Binfield - Twyford - Wargrave - Henley - H’s - Stadhampton - Watlington - Nettlebed - Henley - Marlow - Cookham - Burnham - Back to The Ace.

It’s a special route and can only be done in dry conditions on a weekend day :Whistling:

I can usally be encouraged to create some good loops with threats of tea & cake or a rideout breakfast!

tea and cake i can do :smiley:
can even get some home made cakes too!

i suppose really, we had better start looking at routes and weather, the insurance company just told me they will pay for the repairs :smiley:


just been told my bike is on the bench now, should be ready by tomorrow if all the parts are in…so whats the plan boys and girls?
hows the weather looking on Saturday (10th)?


also weather dependent, i will be at Krispy Kreme (492 Great Cambridge Road, London EN1 3FD) on Friday @ around 7pm if anyone fancies coming down. (cant do Thursday which is the usual meet because of work)

about bloody time. they took long enough. Saturday is apparently partly cloudy with 20% chance of rain.