When I turn right, bike accelerates!

My main bike is in for repairs so am hopping back on my old faithful CG 125 in the meantime.

The problem is every time I steer right on, the throttle opens in proportion to how much I steer. Makes filtering and roundabouts all the more challenging :slight_smile:

My brother said that I could try loosening the throttle cable and give it more slack, I’ve also had the covers off and checked nothing is snagging (it’s not) and was wondering if anyone had advice on this?

The actual issue started after I dragged the CG over one morning with other bike - forgot to unlock the connecting chain via the ground anchor.

my first thought was the throttle cable…

if you say you checked it i am not sure… :ermm: sorry


You say you’ve checked the throttle cable at the handlbar / twist grip. Have you tried at the carb just in case it’s got caught or dislocated out of the brass guide on top? It happened to me many moons ago…:smiley:

Cheers FFB. The carb looked ok, nothing obvious - will go over both end of the cable this evening and see how I get on.

i had the same problem a few years ago, was told it was something to do with the choke!! ? !!

Also check that the twistgrip assembley has not twisted towards the tank.

if the cable is being pulled as you turn you should be able to emulate this whilst the bike is stationary on its stand…you will see if the cable is being pulled as it will clearly move either at the carb or the throttle…

If it does not then could have something to do with the lean of the bike and this could point to a loose or damaged choke butterfly if one is fitted or a weak spring on the choke lever if it is a manual one on the carb but i doubt that…

Strangely enough it could also be because of the carb float being damaged, leaking, ie not floating anymore, or the float needle moving and you are getting a surge of fuel as the bike leans over but again I doubt it…

I fancy it is the cable and it has become trapped by something and cant make the distance when you turn the handlebars…

throttle cable could have been damaged or it might have seized with rust. They are only about a tenner, get another and fit it.

Plan your route carefully to only include Left Turns;):smiley:

Seriously, sounds like a kinky cable:cool:

what, you mean like Rockingham?

I reckon throttle or choke cable…

Thank you for all the help and pointers.

The issue was caused by a sticky connection between the throttle cable and the throttle cable pass-through casing. Bit of WD40, some gentle “tugging” action :wink: and it’s as good as new.