When engines go bang...

is that a bigbang configuration?? :smiley:

Who’s engine was that?:w00t:

Gary Jones, fellow MiniTwinner ;D

Holy crap! Any idea what caused it?Is it an SV? On the SV your arse/b0llocks are located just above the number two piston. :crying:

Is this the same engine he changed at Croix?


heres another suzuki with the same problem, an LB’ers GSXR…

the offending piston and con rod

still started and ran though lol :w00t:

wow. some lovely holes there… :wink:

bugger… dont look too good

Extreme pressure :D:w00t::hehe:Chill, dude, this is the first one of these Ive seen for about 2 years! :wink:

Nope, I bought that one - its in my road sv :wink: