When do you stop biking?

I commute every day on my scooter even in the snow but since my last fall my left wrist has never been right and my eyes in the dark ain’t what they were so I’ve often wondered when I’d stop, it seems the sensible thing to do but living my life to a travel timetable and getting crushed in rush hour…nah - think I’ll take me chances on the bike. Funny thing is I bought a superbike this summer don’t know why as I rarely get a chance to ride it, that said I do enjoy looking at it, and knowing it’s their makes me 'appy

+2 TDJ, or when they invent something legal, more exciting and fulfilling.
(sex not included obviously)

You tried that one more than once this year and it hasn’t stopped you yet TDJ.

I can’t see me stopping, rheumatoid arthritis and the rest of it still hasn’t slowed me down, just pop another pain killer & ride. Ride in all weathers it makes it more exciting.

Good call Ang.
As I no longer have a doctor, as the doctor died, Ive no idea of any life threatening agents ( other than Mrs J) Ill keep riding as long as I`m still standing.

Until there is no possible means of me being able to ride… I ride for fun, not for commuting, that’s what my cars for. I’m not stopped by the weather only death…

Shame I can’t say the same for my snowboarding or skydiving… Damn weather

In response my favourite excerpt from Robert Frost’s Stopping by woods on a snowy evening comes in to play

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep

@asbo - there’s v few decent sky diving days in the uk…:sleepy:…and not much snow it seems either!

I haven’t stopped riding. It’s just a long time between rides.

Death is the only acceptable excuse- but you will need a note from whichever deity you end up with.