When do you stop biking?

I was asked tonight when am I going to give up the dangerous madness that is motorcycling. My first response was ‘never’, naturally, but it got me thinking what happens? Do bikers get to the stage when they feel too frightened or have an off and decide to give it up? And when is that typically? In your 60s, 70s, 80s?

For a lot of folks it is when they get married and have kids.
For some people that is when they take it up.

Certainly not 60s.

When my legs and arms don’t work any more. Simples.

I got a dodgy joint in my throttle hand. I’ll stop when I get arthritis

When I die, probably

eff that, left hand throttle…

A friend who recently passed away in his 80s was still riding his BSA on the odd sunny Sunday. Bimbled around Chelmsford area.

For me, I will stop riding when I don’t need to ride or cannot physically ride.

… When it no longer fulfills my need for excitement and escapism.

I’ve heard a couple of people (men) say that they gave up the road riding or racing when their other halfs put pressure on them after the sprogs came along. Mad fools, for so many reasons.

I’d stop when I don’t enjoy it anymore for whatever reason - physically or emotionally. Being pushed to stop by someone else will just leave me dissatisfied.

When I can’t get out of bed

When I can’t get my leg over

Today, if this morning was anything to go by.

I got arthritis literally two weeks after getting my bike! Originally it affected me in that hand, left knee, and right elbow but exercising at junctions helped prevent it being more than just an annoyance. Finding the right drugs then helped more, but I guess that would not be an option with osteo.

It actually got a bit scary this summer though when it started affecting my neck which prevented me from turning my head right properly. Shoulder checks were okay as that is more of a downward movement, but came to an angled junction and had to stop and rotate my whole body to check for traffic.

When it rains…or it looks like it might rain.

When my reaction times have degraded and I’m a danger to myself and other road users. So really old or really drunk I guess.

Dying shouldn’t stop you as long as they can bring you back to life.

I have both arthritis and a very dogey clutch hand I still enjoy my biking over the pain
I’ll stop when I can’t ride anymore

I started when my daughter was 4 months old… I commute, and don’t really ride out on the weekends (yet…) so probably when once I stop needing to get to work…

Ride purely for the enjoyment, although as I only get out couple of times a month it’s hard to justify (to anyone other than myself) the costs - when will I stop - no idea wouldn’t wanna be without my bike now even if I don’t get to ride it as often as I d like!

+1 Joby.

I try not to ride in the rain, poor weather, or winds.