when do you change your brake pads?????

Hopefully before the the owner of this GSXR 600…

this is the remains of his caliper, hes gone threw the pad and the metal backing errr and threw some of the piston…

and here is a VFR 800 alternator, well whats left of it…

all the coils should look like the yellow ones on the left, not like the charcoal ones on the right!!

smelled like a used firework!!

second Honda VFR alternator iv changed this week!!

Fugg me!!!

Those brake calipers deserve mounting on display:D

Should the owner be allowed out on his own methinks?:smiley:

What did he say when you showed him Adx?:wink:

What did his discs look like?

his disc is in the bin…


these are his words…

“can you have a look at my back brake its not working…”

“i topped it up with fluid but its p!ssing out the back for some reason…”



ohhh heres another nice pic :slight_smile:

lack of compression?

speedfight 100 piston

Ha. You get to see some interesting things! I’m staggered at the rear caliper though, that is daft.

ohh god i think im turning into a geek…

posting pics of mechanical failure on the internet…

Is that because hes had a blowing exhaust and the mixture is wrong, So its blown a hole in the top of the piston?

zorst not blowing but the mixture is worng :slight_smile:

its got hot right under the pug and blown a hole right threw

That what i mean :hehe:The mixture on 2strokes, have to be perfect and i belive its called detonation am i correct?

spot on mate!! its running lean for some reason, thus causing detonation…

you get detonation caused by crappy fuel ( pre ingnition)

and detonation post ingniton…

both off which raise the temp on the crown of the piston…

finding the cause is not easy, could be a vacuum leak anywhere… any gasket seal or vacuum pipe or some jeting problem…

OMG its happening again!! geek alert!!!:hehe:

Not bad for a 16 year old is it lol :smiley:

aye well 16 year olds know all about knackered scooter engines!! :wink:

so very exspensive for the plank with the GSX600, hope you gave him some advice on what to look for, some people eh :slight_smile:

No not really, I think its the fact iv been building RGV 250 race bikes for 3 years with my dad. Dont class me as one of thoses so called “PEDBOYS” or chavs, That wears motorcross helmets and terrorises people in the street, Because i f**king hate them lot.

CB250 k4 twin … changing gear at valve bounce does this … twice and it got me home on one cylinderps:those alternators are the same as ducati 750 SS ones … and cheaper on ebay than the honda ones

two stroke pistons melt on demand especially if you tune them too much…will root out some of my examples if i can…rgv 250 are good practice for mechanics…regular engine rebuilds etc etc…must get mine sorted one of these days…will sell it before then i think

But there a pain in the arse when they go wrong.

flippin heck, some people don’t have a clue!!! can’t believe that one mate.