Does any body have any good pics of wheelies?

If you have could you post them here please: )

Doesnt matter what bike




nah sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

PJ go on post the K5 beast up!:smiley:

only a small wheelie…

Chears peeps keep em coming :slight_smile:

what you want em for anyway?

Dunno really just love wheelies this is my basic wheelie.

I can only have a moped at the moment but it doesnt stop me having ago :slight_smile:

a small one from me :):wink:



Thats a good one and nice gixer btw :slight_smile:


gotta love the mountain:D


i got a gilera vxr200 i can wheelie that alot better than me gixer, but i aint got no pics as of yet :wink:

we can sort that dude;)

where and wen fella !!!:D;)

I have a gilera stalker 50cc (polini 70cc barrel and piston) i can wheelie that pritty well.

Im getting a yamaha YBR 125 in 5 months cant wait :slight_smile:

discuss at bm;)

ive tried doing wheelies like the one in ur pics but i end up getting it up a lil bit then wobble then put it bk down. sit down wheelies on the ped i can do for a very long time. im also just getting the hang of slowing them down.

i might go out after work tomorrow and practise, might even get the plate to scrape, ya never know!!! :D:P:D:P

I find the ones i do easyer than sit down ones the last one i did lasted 18 seconds

spose its all about how you use ur body to balance it whilst the front wheel is up in the air. being of a large build i can just give a little tugg the front comes up then its just a matter of keeping ur weight back and a lttle bit of rear brake as to not flip it.

i honestly think i have alot more fun riding my ped through town than me gixer (and its alot more comfortable;):D).

Iv been riding trials bike since i was little on my dads farm iv allways fancyed myself as abit of a dougie lampkin, Trial bikes teach you very good balance and clutch control.

Ye i like to filter through traffic fast