wheelies are brilliant :o)

Been trying to contact someone about advertising www.learn2wheelie.com on here but not getting a reply…

Does anyone know who to contact? Hello Mods :o)

Had some forum members over at the school for some fun and games and am keen to tempt some more

Bring on the grin…


I’ll be over soon, as need to book on (I’m only in Windlesham).

Drop PJ a message on here for the other stuff

Mmm i would like to learn stand ups :cool:

Cool thanks - PJ PM’d…

Got space this Saturday if you wanna come

I agree…wheelies ARE brilliant, except when you post how brilliant they are on Facebook and the wife sees it and has a go at you for it… :crazy:

At your age I would have thought you’d have learnt to stand up! :D:P

At my age Kev thats why i sit down when doing wheelies :Wow:

I’m sure there are much worse things you could post :wink:

If I had I probably wouldn’t be here…

Is it an all day thing, or just a half day?

And how much is it and are there any deals for last minute?

Let me know how you get on…I am sure Mike wanted an advert on here a few months ago! :Whistling:

Well I think posting does work.

MD Racing service my bike, and tweak the suspension. Very good service and the bikes runs really smooth.

Wheelie school - maybe later in the year.


I’ll teach ya PJ :smiley:

9.30 til 4pm, £200 - full detail are on the website wheelie school

Last minute booking can only happen if there’s space on the day, so you take your chances with it I guess cos there’s a max of 6 places per day.

I often get calls from people wanting to wheelie “tomorrow”, especially when it’s hot, lol. We’re still early season at the mo so we’ve got space this Saturday - give me a bell if you like :slight_smile:

hi nick
have you got any mid week places??

Hi Kulj - we can run mid week too… None mid week over the next couple of weeks currently (although the track is available if there are 3 or more people who want to do it)

usually weekends are more popular but it depends on demand. next one at the mo is Friday 30th March.

That would actually mean you riding your bike mate :w00t:

thanks Nick, and your based at the topgear track right?? did we speak over christmas time?

we are indeed based at the home of top gear… The bikes currently live in teh hanger where the film top gear… I mean I let them use my garage to film Top Gear :wink:

This might be the last weekend of filming for this season (?) before they pack the set away again so if ur an avid fan…

it would indeed wouldnt it! Dont worry ill be out all the time. This rain helps wash away the road crud.