Wheelie Simulator at the Ace Cafe Tonight!

Right guys. The wheelie simulator will be at the Ace Cafe tonight. Its up and running smoothly. See you all there :slight_smile:

should I bring Jason to win again ?

Bring Jason he is a diamond :slight_smile:

do i get a free go if i turn up topless?


only if you look like your Avatar !! :w00t:

No but you can have a kiss on the cheek from me :stuck_out_tongue:

******* exellent :smiley:

does the longest wheelie win any thing?

I was at the NEC last year and the "Wheelie machine was there some geezer was proper giving it some stick when the vibration loosed off the bolts on it and it came up like 360degrees. Somehow he managed to catapult off the bike and ended up flying without wings through the air like a red arrow and landed through someones greenhouse! Was amazing :w00t: I thought Jeremy beadle was gonna stick his beardy face out from the clouds… Puka stuff! One way carnage love it…

Much as I would love to go to the Ace tonight and enjoy a nice go on this Wheelie Stimulator unfortunately I cannot.

Enjoy:D:D Pictures please tomorrow;) Can we also get some video footage of you lot trying to work this thing?

Will be there on Sunday instead eating a Large All Day Breakfast in some new bike trousers, so if you can get the Wheelie Stimulator along then for me to have a try on, so much the better;)