Wheelie School

I know this is in the wrong section but I need more people to see it…

My place for the Wheelie School is available and maybe Mark’s… def 1 at the mo but if someone wants 2 places then they can have them both, details on the link below.


If you take the course, do they guarantee you can do a wheely?

Because my motorcycle has shown no inclination, at all, up to now.

just remember to deflate your rear slightly for eaxtra grip and stability when you’re up!!!

You don’t do it on yours, you do it on Jimmy Fireblades bikes.

This is actually very funny because Jimmy actually mentioned someone said … “i dont think my bike can wheelie”. He’ll prove you wrong.

Take your bike along. im quite certain he can get your bike to wheelie.

If im honest now i know the technique im certain i could get your bike to wheelie…(disclaimer: any damages caused whilst i am wheelying your bike are your own stupid responsibility for letting me try it out! :P)

If the kids on chavpeds can do it im sure anyone else can!

I’d bet any amount of cash that my 1978 CB400A can’t do a wheely short of mounting 300 pounds of pig iron on the luggage rack. And that would tend to slow it down too much, as well as being over spec for the luggage rack, the rear tire, and the chassis.

The Hondamatic tranny makes wheelies particularly difficult, since you cannot pup the clutch (or. indeed, do anything at all with the clutch). The left hand lever is a parking brake.