Wheelie School

Right guys im not puttin this in the praise of shame thing as im a bit two sided about my day there.

I booked up and paid no problems on that front, although i hadnt heard confirmation of my cheque till the day b4. I kept calling and calling until eventually som1 deceided it was time to call me.

Anyway i had a lovely day weather wise bone dry (early sep) and was very bright.

Got there at 830 (as they said ensure u are there b4 9) and called up the number as gates where locked. After sitting there for about 20 mins twiddling my thumbs a guy came and opened the gate.

From then on till 930 we waited for people to come, in total there was 5 inc me between 2 bikes.However there maybe more or less when u book.

For the next 1.5-2hrs if not more was filled with would u like a coffees, a video and a repetitive safety talk. Dont get me wrong there was some important stuff that needed to be said but he said the same thing over n over again. He could of said the points he needed to in 30 mins IMO.

By 1130-12 we actually started doing some stuff on the bike, doing about 8 runs then the next person would jump so and on with. Once one bike reached the end of the run way the next would begin etc etc.

This went on till about 10 to 3 and then he said day over and gave us an assesment of how we performed.

The teaching was good, and the fact they want u to perfect the basics of a power wheelie rather than trying to make u worry about to many things is a good thing. I started doing wheelies no problems on the bandit which where of decent height and consistent in length. But just as i got the hang of it the day was over.

I wasnt expecting to be a wheelie god by the end of it, but i was hoping to gain some knowledge to help practise on my own bike…which i got. Plus it definatly removed the fear of being on the back wheel.

The biggest let down in my eye was just the amount of time they gave. I wasnt expecting to be on the bike 9-3 solid but i do think for what i paid there should of been at LEAST another hour.

So make of that what u will as i have been honest. The guys there are nice enough like any bikers.

Might be an idea to explore other wheelie schools and experiences and not just take this one as its very close.


What about the original Bandit Wheelie School…Any good?


Not the greatest web designer they hired for that site

Just read this thread… I am very tempted to do this too but not sure about getting time off from work. Maybe if we could get a load of us to do it, the bikes schools might gives us a bigger discount?

Oh btw if u do look into another wheelie school, the one i went to offers a rebooking service if the weather is bad…i was lucky and had a good day but some of the people i met on the day had been reschedulded due to bad weather…

Thanx for that thanutz, to tbh when i was lookin on there site, seeing so many people around two bikes got me wondering, I like the idea about rescheduling for weather.

il check out some other schools & prices now we got some numbers & get back to u all. il check out that 1 your suggesting AfroR6.

And if anyone’s been to another school that they can recomend, let us know .

The more the merry & i’m gona try 2 barta em down. It will be on a weekend

I am a knob head Terry you know what I mean

Hey Terry,

Great idea. Count me in

Nice slide from the Brazen - those kids loved it

So, how many of us want to do it now?

yaeh that sounds cool,i always wanted to do a wheelie school for the fun of it

You boys give me that £480 and meet me near where the A316 meets the M3 and i will show you how to wheelie!!!

Only kidding - wheelie school is good!!!

I did one years ago and had a similar experience to the one described before. The biggest problem was having 1 bike to about 6 people.

I’ve heard very good things about Jimmy Fireblade though. I believe he has 2 people to 1 bike. If you go with him, I’m interested.

i was just going to go to see what crap they come out with,i have been teaching people to wheelie for years.

i have been clocked wheeling for nearly 2 miles

Do you work for the Wheelie School?

Why don’t you do us all a good deal

dont do it…

once you pop…

just kidding id like to come along and laff… i mean watch !!

and take photos maybe.

bullet how bout i give 400 quid and you teach me to wheelie ON YOUR BIKE

you can also buy them anti flip thningys for a ton or so, its just a switch that connects to side stand cut out.

come to think of it i should get one as i nearly flip it last week, clutched up in 2nd and it came up so high i shut the throttle completly and nothing happend
just stayed vertical for a few while i pooooed my self then finaly got a bit of back brake on…

anyways you will be alright

yo Adz, its all ur fort i started this post. Been thinkin bout doin it for ages. Made it look so easy m8. Bring ur camara, someone’s got to do it

Jimmyblades site looks good, bit more exspensive, see wot deal he’ll do for us.

On the amount of intrest I think we mite have to do it over a couple of days.

i’m up for this but i cant do january Adz glad to hear you didnt go all the way!

I’m up for this so count me in too.

Just slightly puzzled about one thing though. There seem to be two types of wheelies so far as I understand – power wheelies and clutch wheelies. It was a while ago since I was looking it up on t’internet but I think it was jimmyfireblade who favours the clutch method and the school at Bovingdon which favours the power method – and they both slag off each other’s method and give (seemingly) good reasons.

Which IS the best method?

Clutch it up is wot i want to master, seems more controled…but the best path to get there ? come on u wheeeeeeelie gods

Maybe we can do a day in january & a day in febuary for those that cant make the 1st one