Wheelie School

Ok there’s one rider per bike, max 6 riders per day. if it’s raining it still goes ahead because it’s all down to technic and not power.

He starts off giving us a talk ( and he aint gona chat to us for hours), then we go play on a big air field, he will be working with us as a group and on a 1 to 1 basis. If you progress enough on the day, he’ll even try to get you changing gear He wants to get us wheelieing not just talking about it.

Ok the cost.

Providing there’s at least four of us on the days we go for, he’ll charge us £175 each.

£100 deposit, by credit card or cheque, rest on the day by card or cash.

Or pay the whole amount when booking.

The date were going

17th Feb 2007

This coming Saturday

If you have anymore questions, you can either drop Jimmy an e-mail on the link below or give him a call on 01507 462190.


For those that do this day, and want to go back on another day and use there own bike he will charge us £120 for further wheelie, stoppie, rolling burnout etc lessons.

The List dont forget it’s got to be at least 4 & max 6 per day for the price

Terry-Moto 17th Feb

Tug (the bollock basher) 17th Feb

Fridayman 17th Feb

Sheewolf (the wheelie goddess ) 17th Feb

Keti 17th Feb

One place available 17th Feb

And Ness don’t know it yet, But she is incharge of the camara’s

is it just for the day?? and do you use there bikes???

Yes m8, just for the day, 9 till 3pm…& yeh 1200 bandits

Its got 2 be worth it, flip ur own bike & wot wil it cost…& it will be a rite larf wot else would u be doin in january…2nd forts dont answer that

Stick me name down Guv’nor…

is www.thewheelieschool.co.uk as i went to that one if u wanna know what its like…

your link aint workin, the 1 at bovingdon ?,

put my name down bud,as i wheelie wheelie .want to do that

Hi Terry mate, I’ll have some of this, I saw this last week it’s the one at Bovingdon airfield?

This link should work : http://www.thewheelieschool.co.uk/instructors.html

Yep thats the one, cheers Dan. give us ur feedback, anyone thats been

harr harr tug

Sounds like a good day out. Wonder who’ll be first to stack…er…meant try it out away from the school (sods law now states it’ll be me!) hehe

Bring it on!! (he says with the naive enthusiasm of a mad fool)

that wheelie web page look a good day out…can not wait…

Yep, I’m in, nice one Terry

yeah I would be up for that as well, have been wanting to do it for a while

It would depend on the date but I would love to do this.

LB display team here we come!

Great idea Terry!!! Will get back to you about attendence after I’ve spent some time trying to convince the other half that not only is wheelie school a neccessity, but that he should also pay for it, lol.

This sounds awesome…So what’s the cheapest we can get it?

i’m in

Thanx for the positive feedback…so we got 9 ish up for it and a couple of maybe’s. il give it a bit longer to see if we can get a few more, then il try to barta I’m lookin at early january, probably a saturday or sunday. I’m easy, wot ever suits the majority

Debs said she would treat me - so can we get it cheap - tell her its a lot and we can split the cashback

Havent wheelied since 350LC days - so should be interesting and dont want to do it on my own bike