wheelie school - review

aaaaaah yeah, bring on the grin…

…and the cheesy thumbs up! :LOL

wheelie school review video

Loving the thumbs up!! And the on-board footage!!

great plug nick… where do I sign !! lol

Seriously, always fancied ago at that… any saturdays /sndays available… and how long does it last - the tutuion not the wheelie !! lol

cool stuff. have to do it this summer

I went to the same school as Luke - a decent chap.
Good on him for cutting that mane he had!

where do you sign? on the waiver :wink:

There’s plenty of Saturdays and it runs from 9.30 til 4 so it’s a good full days worth of riding! :slight_smile: You’ll be tired and smiling by the end o fthe day

  • yeah the thumbs up, they made us do it! lol

I rang up today about this :slight_smile:

Hopefully if Nick can get enough end of Feb :slight_smile:

Cant wait!

I may have to run for cover here … but isn’t using the clutch to bring it up more dangerous than just throttle control?

There are several opinions on this. If you use the clutch to hoist it you can do so at a much lower speed then if you do it off the power. My bike will wheelie off the power in 1st if you pin it and lean back, by the time it comes up the bike will be doing about 60 though and shortly after you’ll have to change up.

I fancy giving wheelie school a go this year to learn the skill.

IMO - the only thing that’s dangerous… really… is crashing :wink: and to crash the most common way is to keep the throttle pinned for too long a time once the front wheel starts to lift. whoch can be done with the straight power wheelie or clutch wheelie.

Power wheelie usually needs to be done at a specific rev range on a powerful enogh bike and/or a convenience lump in the road.

Clutch wheelie can be popped up at higher variety of speeds once you’ve learnt the technique, and can be done on most bikes… making it all round more usable in a wider variety of conditions.

In a controlled environement a power wheelie is easier to achieve and is easier to teach…(or at least it is in theory)…

  • a clutch wheelie involves more, is harder to teach and to learn but you learn so much more about riding a bike: clutch control, throttle control and both in combination. It’s also much more versatile and makes you a better rider… which is why I teach that method: more grins per pound lol :slight_smile:

my thoery is that cos you learn more about the subtle-ties of throttle control with clutch wheelie you will have more skill which makes you a better / safer rider. each to their own of course, depends what you want and your riding style :slight_smile: