Wheelie School Pics

Here is the evidence - http://fridayman.myphotoalbum.com/view_album.php?page=1

Unfortunately the camera’s battery had run out just as SheWolf was starting to pull mingers

Feel free to leave comments in the album (at the bottom of each pic).


Thanks for sharing the pics…looks like everyone had a blast.

Thanx Ness & Fridayman for taking em & sticking em up

I’m sure Tug bunged Ness a few quid to do a bit of photo shop on his

Brilliant day out with great company

Looks like great fun - can’t wait to collect my bandit now

What was the white bit hanging from the no.plate holder??

Well it looks like you lot made the same amount of progress in one day as i’ve made in the last month (although i havn’t tried the clutch dump yet) looks like it was fun, think i’ll have to book up a day just before my day at the haslem race school!!

That white rod is the anti-flip mechanism - it is basically the side stand cut-out switch wired into a swivel mechanism that cuts the ignition when the rod tilts too far.

For a few quid more I can edit your helmet onto the fireblade pics…

But it’s a H*nda

I was dying to have a go on it, fooking mental thing

looks like fun!! errm it is fun!!

So do you all feel like you can wheelie now?

Great pictures mate. I`m suprised Tug never got lost going up and down the track.

Got the basic’s & now need loads of practise. (I went there to lose the fear factor of coming off the gas when it goes up & hopefully be able to get a bit of distance) Which I achived. Think we got loads to learn. Thats why your my Mentor

Photos look great!

Looks like you had a wicked time!!!


here terry ain’t the front wheel supposed to leave the deck to class as a wheelie !


Dawn French in the Terry’s Chocolate Orange advert - ‘It’s not terry’s, it’s mine’

If you’re really really nice we can share him for wheelie practice,lol.

Great pics - trust me to leave it til the last bloody minute when the camara’s dead to pull bigger wheelies

The guys looks great

Just like to say a big thank you to Ness and Friday Man for doing me justice on the day made me look like a wheelie king!! had a brilliant day and established what i set out to do, and that was to get confidence in wheeling, still got a long way to go.

I think Terrymotor thought he had to do stoppies not wheelies!

JP we’re going to use your snow mobil Motor bike Skooter thingy to practise on

So do you fancy Stoppie school next then Tug ?

im up for it

Do you recon the back of the bike will lift with your fat a*se on it

Oi you can sort this one out, but do it when they have the RWYB drag racing on the air strip on the sunday, and find out if we can camp in the field

one question, i was thinking about going to this next week, did he teach you how to reach the balance point?.. i can wheelie already but only for about 10-20 metres max, but would like to get training to find out the point where you can wheelie for ages.

cheers, 666

try changing gear